VTech DM221 Vs DM111

If you are very busy even at your home, doing all the things while taking care of your baby is ultimately very demanding. However, this is now made possible with these very affordable baby monitor devices, VTech DM111 and VTech DM221. With these devices, you will be able to hear and determine the condition of your child without having to stay in the room all day long. They help a lot if you need to clean the house or finish a near-deadline job, but you are worried about your baby. Nevertheless, even though VTech DM111 and VTech DM221 are very budget-friendly, VTech DM221 is more expensive by around a dozen bucks or so than VTech DM111. Which one should you get? Let us see the similarities and differences.

VTech DM221 Vs DM111

The Similarities
– Each of them consists of one parent unit and one baby unit.
– Both models have almost similar overall dimensions and weights. VTech DM221 is a little bit taller than VTech DM111 due the bigger curve at the handle of the device, but this is quite trivial.
– Both operate with encrypted and secure DECT 6.0 transmission, which offers a crystal clear audio communication without the annoying noise often happens on analog monitors.
– The parent units of these models both can operate up to 1,000 feet away from the baby units.
– Both only monitor audio signals, with automatic alert feature when they detect sound.
– Each of these models can be expanded to work with 2 parent units simultaneously.
– Each of these models has a 5-level sound visual indicator that shows the sound level in your baby’s room, so you can visually monitor your baby even though the unit is muted.
– Each of them has rechargeable batteries with a low-battery notification feature.
– The parent unit will notify you if the communication link with the baby unit is lost.

The Differences
– Only VTech DM221 that comes with the 2-way communication feature. VTech DM111 can only transmit audio signals from the baby unit to the parent unit. VTech DM221 allows you to talk to your baby and soothe him/her.
– VTech DM221 includes a nightlight accessory, VTech DM111 does not. This is a nifty addition that can be beneficial to soothe your baby at night.

VTech DM221 Vs DM111

VTech DM221VTech DM111
Key features- Go hands free with the belt clip on the parent unit - carry the parent unit everywhere you go without the hassle of holding it. The operating range of the parent unit is up to 1,000 feet outdoors or 150 feet indoors - Parent unit can be set to beep if: (1) link between the parent unit and the baby unit is lost, and/or (2) rechargeable battery is low - Language is preset to English, but can be switched to French or Spanish for all screen displays - The loop on the baby unit doubles as a soothing night light for your little one - Vibrating sound-alert on the parent unit - enjoy some added peace by being silently alerted when there is sound in your baby's room- DECT 6.0 provides crystal clear transmission, eliminating the annoying white noise you hear from analog monitors - Parent units need two AAA alkaline batteries (not included) - 5-level sound indicator - graphic bars on the parent unit indicate the level of sound in your baby's room so you can visually monitor the noise level with the unit muted - Belt clip - clip the parent unit to your belt and take advantage of the extended range and battery-powered operation - Parent unit can be set to beep if: (1) link between the parent unit and the baby unit is lost, and/or (2) rechargeable battery is low

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Even though VTech DM221 only has two key points that VTech DM111 does not have, the 2-way communication feature is enough to justify the price increment. With it, you will be able to use VTech DM221 as a reliable communication method. It will prove to be handy under various conditions. Therefore, you should choose VTech DM221!

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