Spectra DEW 350 Vs Spectra S2

By | March 19, 2016

Spectra DEW 350 and Spectra S2 often cause confusion among moms. We can not decide yet which model is the best for our needs. DEW 350 is a little cheaper than S2, but S2 seems to have a couple of extra features. Luckily, we have this article here! On the following article, we will compare DEW 350 with S2 in order to see which model that we should purchase.

Spectra DEW 350 Vs Spectra S2

Spectra Baby USA DEW 350 is a hospital-grade breast pump based upon a piston motor. Because of that, it works very quietly. Unlike other breast pumps over the market, it sounds somehow pleasantly. It is perhaps among the quietest and the nicest sounding breast pumps ever. The suction pattern is “sucks then blows”. However, it has a fixed cycle speed, which can not be changed or adjusted. Thus, as the cycle speed cannot be changed, there is no letdown mode. Nevertheless, it works very efficiently and effectively.

On the other hand, Spectra Baby USA S2 is a hospital-grade breast pump using a diaphragm motor. It has the traditional frog noise like other breast pump models, but, interestingly, it has a soundproof interior, reducing the noise quite significantly. The suction pattern is “sucks then releases”, and it offers an adjustable cycle speed. As every woman may feel more comfortable on different speeds, this is very beneficial. Also, there is a letdown mode, night light, and timer. The letdown mode is especially useful for moms returning to work.

Spectra DEW 350 Vs Spectra S2

Spectra DEW 350Spectra S2
Key features- THE BEST HOSPITAL GRADE PUMP FOR INITIATING, SUSTAINING AND INCREASING MILK SUPPLY! - FULL ADJUSTABLE VACUUM! EXTREMELY EFFICIENT AND COMFORTABLE! - COMPLETELY QUIET! NO ONE WILL EVEN KNOW YOU ARE PUMPING! ALMOST SILENT! - DuaHYGIENIC protection: Prevents any potential milk back-flow, making sure that hygiene is maintained at all times.- Super quiet, Letdown mode and fully adjustable program to best suit your body - Closed system - hygienic for you and baby - Night light and timer - Everything you need for double pumping - Powerful, adjustable suction yet so comfortable you won't realize how powerful it is

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For most new moms, Spectra Baby USA DEW 350 will work well. It does the task well. But, for more control, adjustability, and features, Spectra Baby USA S2 should be our primary choice. The ability to control the cycle speed is simply golden, and the letdown mode is neat.

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