Similac Spit Up Vs Enfamil AR

By | March 16, 2018

Some infants may experience difficulty with digestion, especially during the first months. Some babies may have acid reflux and are constantly vomiting. This is very frustrating for the parents. Fortunately, there are now special infant formulas designed for babies with such issues, such as Similac Spit Up vs Enfamil AR. Below, we will help you choose between the two.

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– Which one that is the recommended infant formula for your baby.

Similac Spit Up is a specially formulated infant formula for reducing spit up issues. It comes with added lutein, DHA, and vitamin E. It claims to have high-quality non-GMO ingredients. This product is available in powder and in ready-to-drink bottles. While the powder version is relatively cheaper, the ready-to-drink bottles may be more convenient, especially because they have smooth and easily drinkable consistency. For milk allergy or lactose intolerance, see Isomil vs ProSobee.

Enfamil AR is also a specially formulated infant formula designed to reduce spit up issues. Enfamil intentionally makes this formula to have thicker consistency by using rice starch. The thicker consistency will make the baby drink more slowly while still taking sufficient fluid. In general, Enfamil AR is slightly more expensive than Similac Spit Up.

Enfamil AR is available in powder, in individual serving pouches, and in ready-to-drink bottles. The individual pouches may be very handy when you need to travel with your baby, as it eliminates the guesswork when preparing a serving of the infant formula. The ready-to-drink bottles are even more convenient, albeit being more expensive.

Of course, the most important thing to know when choosing between these two formulas is which one that is more effective. Well, both Similac Spit Up and Enfamil AR have received mostly positive reviews, and they are said by their respective users to be effective for reducing spit up issues.

Both products have been clinically tested for their effectiveness. Similac Spit Up is said to be able to reduce frequent spit up by 54%, whereas Enfamil AR is shown to be able to reduce spit up by 50%. So, Similac Spit Up is better than Enfamil AR if we compare these clinical results alone. Then again, the actual results may vary on different children.

Ingredients and Nutrition
Similac Spit Up is enriched with the company’s special blend OptiGro. This nutritional blend contains lutein, DHA, and vitamin E which are essential for your baby’s eye, brain, and immune development. These ingredients are very important during a baby’s first year, as the eyes and brain are still constantly developing.

Furthermore, Similac Spit Up uses non-GMO ingredients. Considering that genetically modified organisms are worried for their potential health issues, this is a good benefit. You can be certain that your baby is not taking any unnatural ingredient that may cause health issues.

On the other hand, Enfamil AR features the Natural Defense Dual Prebiotics. This blend comes with two prebiotics that can support the baby’s digestion health and immunity. The prebiotics are also useful for reducing indigestion issues and promoting bowel movements.

Similac Spit Up Vs Enfamil AR

Similac Spit UpEnfamil AR
Key features- Similac for Spit-Up Infant Formula is a nutritionally complete formula specially formulated with rice starch and clinically shown to reduce spit-up in healthy infants by 54%*- Clinically proven to reduce spit-up by over 50%** The #1 selling brand of formula for spit-up/common reflux** Has Natural Defense® Dual Prebiotics® blend to help support digestive health

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Between Similac Spit Up vs Enfamil AR, Similac Spit Up is generally more recommended. It is more effective in reducing spit up. It is also enriched with lutein, DHA, and vitamin E. The formula is non-GMO.

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