Similac Alimentum Vs Gerber Soothe

By | February 14, 2016

What is colic? Colic is a condition in which a supposedly healthy baby cries repeatedly and excessively. If your baby cries for more than three hours a day and for more than three days a week, then your baby is most probably developing colic. The issue is extremely distressing for parents. We even sometimes feel like we may have done something wrong that causes our beloved child uncomfortable. Despite various scientific researches, the exact cause of colic is still not clear so far. The primary reason is usually due to the baby having pain in their tummy, either because of hormones or abnormal balance of germs within. Babies who develop an allergy towards protein, cow milk, or soy milk, also may have colic.

Similac Alimentum Vs Gerber Soothe

For treating colic, there are two options that often come into parents’ consideration : Similac Alimentum and Gerber Soothe. Even so, you must understand that these products are pretty much dissimilar from each other, and they are mostly for different colic cases.

Similac Alimentum is a Hypoallergenic formula, a milk formula for babies who can take neither cow milk nor soy milk. Its ingredients are aimed to balance the amount of protein, minerals, and other nutrients, with the protein molecules broken down into smaller pieces. It claims to be able to relieve colic symptoms that are caused by protein allergy in only 24 hours. On the other hand, Gerber Soothe is a probiotic supplement for breastfed infants experiencing colic as well as fussiness. It contains the probiotic L. reuteri, which has been scientifically proven to reduce crying time by 50%. The probiotic aims to provide disgestive comfort by improving the ratio of good bacteria in the baby’s digestive system. Read also: Enfamil Gentlease Vs Gerber Soothe.

Similac Alimentum Vs Gerber Soothe

Similac AlimentumGerber Soothe
Key features- Alimentum Hypoallergenic Nutrition Formula, Powder, with Iron, 1 Pound - Hypoallergenic Nutrition Formula with Iron - For Colic due to protein sensitivity- 0.17 Ounce bottle; 5 drops, once a day; 25-day supply - Probiotic supplement for breastfed babies experiencing colic and fussiness - Exclusive probiotic L. reuteri, has been clinically shown to reduce crying time by 50% in colicky breastfed infants*

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You may want to consult your doctor first about which product to retreat with. However, if you are already aware that your baby has cow milk allergy, then you certainly need to go with Similac Alimentum. Most likely than not, the colic is caused by the baby’s inability to take protein. Otherwise, you should start with Gerber Soothe.

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