Recaro Proride Vs Performance Ride

By | June 19, 2014

As a new mother/ father into the world of parenthood, you have probably heard these two terms once, twice or severally. If you checked the context at which you heard them being mentioned, it was in regards to bay seats. Well, honestly, both the Recaro Proride Vs Performance Ride are car seats from the same manufacturer that aim to offer safety to passengers and meet their comfort needs.

Recaro Proride vs Performance Ride

Some people prefer one to the other, depending on the review they have come across. Here you will find several comparisons and differences regarding the two products, and my personal opinion regarding which serves the purpose best.

Recaro Proride

Whenever it comes to car seats, issues like installation, getting baby in and out of the seat are a major concern. One often looks for a product that takes just few minutes and little energy to do so. Looking at the two products, they have similarities which you would be searching for. They both have side impact protection, both are tested to international standards, both have energy absorbing EPS foam, have cool mesh air ventilation, a no-rethread harness that is easy to adjust, chest clip storage pockets, rare facing recline adjustment, a premium push button, and true lock belt –off. This shows that the Recaro Proride vs Performance Ride are pretty much similar regarding the key safety features possessed. But that is not all.

Recaro Performance Ride

Along with them come the various differences which give as an array of reasons as to why chose one over the other. The performance Ride has four zones of cool air ventilation while Recaro has just one basic level. The Performance ride also has temperature regulating fabrics while Recaro has none. The Performance has a removable cup holder which is a pretty important feature when you are aiming at keeping the back seat of your car off liquid stains and the Recaro does not have. Taking a look at customer reviews regarding the Recaro Proride, you find that most complain of it being narrow on shoulders, not offering enough leg room, offers little leg support, and doesn’t have a level indicator. Instead, it has a sticker with a red line, which is hard for one to interpret. Looking at the Performance ride, most flaws encountered in the Recaro Proride seem to be corrected, hence more luxurious and safe.

Recaro Proride vs Performance Ride

Key Features- Forward- and rear-facing car seat with side-impact protection for head, neck, face, torso, and pelvis - Safety Stripe System to alert parents that a twist could occur, or has begun, thus preventing a safety hazard - Front-adjusting five-point harness, built-in - LATCH system, universal top tether system (forward-facing) - EPS foam to absorb forces; protective and comfortable automotive PUR foam in the head restraint - Ergonomic shell structure for comfort and mesh fabric for air circulation - Height limits: Under 49 inches- Racing-inspired side impact protection - Tested to international standards - Energy-absorbing EPS foam - Twist-resistant buckle and HERO technology - Performance-infused fashions with four zones of CoolMesh Air Ventilation temperature-balancing fabrics - Comfort-enhancing memory foam EasyAdjust, no re-thread, five-point harness Protective and comfortable PUR foam in the head restraint - Removable cup holder - Chest-clip storage pockets - Height limits: Under 50 inches

Customer ratings*4.6 out of 5.0 stars from 762 customer reviews 4.5 out of 5.0 stars from 150 customer reviews
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Making a judgment after considering both seats and their features, one would easily know which one surpasses the other. As for me, I would recommend the Performance Ride to anyone who was finding it hard to choose between the two. According to the added features of the Performance ride, there are currently no advantages of the Recaro over it. The performance offers a high sense of luxury and added features as compared to the Recaro and hence, qualifies it to be the best choice. When looking at the cost, the Performance is slightly expensive, due to the added features, but I consider it worth the value.

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