PurAmino Vs EleCare

By | March 7, 2016

Many parents, first-timers or not, always find it daunting then their children develop extreme protein allergy. For such case, we should change to a Hypoallergenic formula instead of the regular cow milk-based ones. However, with various choices and prices available on the market, you may think that choosing the right formula for your baby is overwhelmingly hard. Don’t worry, we will try to assist you through our articles. Here, we are going to compare two popular Hypoallergenic formulas, PurAmino and EleCare. Read also : PurAmino Vs Neocate.

PurAmino Vs EleCare

First, you should be aware that PurAmino, as well as EleCare, are both amino acid-based formulas, or elemental formulas, as called by some folks. It means, they contain not protein molecules, but the primary composers, amino acids. They are essentially your choices when the less pricey protein hydrolysate-based formulas are not fully solving your baby’s problems. They both also contain a complete combination of nutrients needed by infants, though PurAmino contains slightly more.

However, though generally PurAmino and EleCare are effective solutions for protein allergy and short bowel syndrome, take note that some babies will prefer one over the other due to the taste. Usually, your doctor will provide you some samples for each recommended formula to be given to your kid, in order to find out which one that your kid likes. So, you may want to try giving the samples of each product first. However, PurAmino has less corn syrup than EleCare, which is good because it means less sugar.

PurAmino Vs EleCare

Key featuresPurAmino is an iron-fortified, hypoallergenic, amino acid-based infant formula for the dietary management of infants and toddlers with severe cows milk protein allergy, not effectively managed by an extensively hydrolyzed formula- Amino Acids - Medical food - With iron

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PurAmino is a little more expensive than EleCare. So, if your child takes EleCare well, you may not want to switch the formula. But, for some better taste, you can change into PurAmino.

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