Pregestimil Vs Neocate

By | July 4, 2017

Hypoallergenic means ‘allergic’ and are less often perceived as does not cause allergies by many people. Medically, no known definition hypoallergic and this term is a term created by the cosmetic company in advertising its products. Milk HA (hypoallergenic) was hydrolyzed cow’s milk partially, can stimulate the tolerance of cow’s milk because it still contains little particles of cow’s milk. The giving of milk HA primary prevention of occurrence can be allergic to cow’s milk, because it is given before exposed to cow’s milk. Review this time will discuss the dairy products that are specifically made for sufferers of Hypoallergenic, there are derived from Pregestimil and Neocate. Then, we make it in the form of Pregestimil vs. Neocate.

Pregestimil Vs Neocate

Pregestimil has produced a formulation in form of milk especially for infants who experience fat malabsorption and who experience fat malabsorption or steatorrhea and who may also be sensitive to intact proteins. It might be associated with cystic fibrosis, short bowel syndrome, intractable diarrhea and severe protein calorie malnutrition. This product is design purely to provide a sole source of nutrition for infants up to age 6 months until 12 months to provide a major source of nutrition through those age. While in feeding infants, gradual introduction of solid foods after 4-6 months of age is an important developmental as well as nutritional step. You can also use it as a milk substitute in the diet of children, it is good to use in supplemental for Pregestimil in the diet beyond 12 months of age that may a significant contribution to the maintenance of good nutrition in such patients, and is not known to be harmful in any way. (Have a look : Pregestimil Vs Nutramigen)

Neocate formula is Hypoallergenic with a complete nutrition containing amino acids. For babies with cow’s milk allergy and intolerance proteins. Neocate is a 100% synthetic amino acids which are the basic ingredients of infant formula Hypoallergenic . The taste of milk formula is relatively more tasty and more could it seemed more acceptable by babies in General, but the price is very expensive. Neocate used to overcome the symptoms of persistent and severe food allergies. Such as Multiple Food Protein Intolerance, allergy against extensively hydrolysed formulae, food allergies with impaired weight increment, allergic colitis, GER who do not respon with the standard therapy. Multiple food protein intolerance or intolerance is defined as MFPI against more than 5 main meals including EHF (extensive Hydrolysa Milk) and soya infant formulas. MFPA (Multiple food protein allergy) is defined as the allergy more than 1 basic food such as milk, flour, eggs and soy. Milk is also used as a placebo in DBPCFC to diagnose allergic to cow’s milk.

Pregestimil Vs Neocate

Key features- It contains 55% of the fat from MCT oil, which is more easily absorbed by babies with some gastrointestinal problems - Pregestimil is hypoallergenic, lactose free and iron fortified, plus 55% of its fat source is MCT oil for easy digestion and absorption- Hypoallergenic: Neocate is less likely to cause an allergic response than other formulas - Elemental: Ingredients are present in their simplest and purest form so they are easier for the body to process and digest

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Pregestimil and Neocate are two expensive milk provided specifically for babies suffering from allergies. But, Neocate is quite expensive but the average is perfect for all conditions a baby especially for babies with specific complaints. But, if you are very limited budget, there is no harm if you select Pregestimil and trying to fit in with your baby.

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