Nutramigen Vs EleCare

By | February 22, 2016

Parents, especially first-timers, often face nightmares when their kids have severe colic cases. It is unfortunate that we can hardly understand the cause of their crying until some symptoms come out. Many colicky babies are having issues within their digestive tract, so they are unable to take some nutrients normally. One major cause is protein allergy. Many moms had no idea that cow milk and even the breast milk may cause allergic reactions from some babies until they are brought to the doctor. Now, if you are having a similar experience, you should switch to a Hypoallergenic formula like Nutramigen and EleCare. Read also : EleCare Vs Neocate.

Nutramigen Vs EleCare

Nutramigen is a Hypoallergenic formula enhanced with a probiotic called LGG, Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG, as stated on its packaging. The contained LGG helps a child to build toleration towards cow milk, plus also maintains a healthy balance of germs in the digestive system. Most cow milk allergy cases are solved with Nutramigen because it contains not the common protein molecules. Instead, it features proteins that have been ruptured into tinier pieces so that infants can take them easily. However, in a small number of severer cases, some babies are ultra allergic and unable to receive proteins at all, so Nutramigen is not the total solution in these cases.

EleCare is a Hypoallergenic formula featuring amino acids. Some people call these formulas as elemental formulas because they don’t contain proteins. Instead, to fulfil the infants’ nutrient needs, they provide amino acids – the primary composers of a single protein. EleCare will not cause any allergic response and will soothe the colic symptoms properly. But it is more pricey.

Nutramigen Vs EleCare

Key features- Designed to help your baby build tolerance to cow's milk, this formula is made with the probiotic LGG and has been proven to help build oral tolerance to cow's milk. - It has important brain-nourishing nutrients, such as choline, and DHA as recommended by experts; the powdered form includes the probiotic LGG to help support digestive health.- Amino Acids - Medical food - With iron

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You should start with Nutramigen. It is nice that it helps to make cow milk tolerance. However, if your child is allergic to it as well, you need to change into EleCare.

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