Neocate Vs Alimentum

By | February 10, 2016

Are you just starting feeding your baby? If so, then you should be aware whether your baby has some allergy towards certain types of proteins. It can be frustrating for us, the parents, when our child develops a harmful response towards milk. Now, for infants who can take neither cow milk formulas nor soy milk formulas, then the only way to go is protein hydrolysate formulas a.k.a. Hypoallergenic formulas. Two of the most popular brands are Nutricia Neocate and Similac Expert Care Alimentum. Which one that you should get? Have a look : EleCare Vs Alimentum.

Neocate Vs Alimentum

If we look at the prices, obviously, Neocate is more expensive than Alimentum. But price should not be our only concern when we are dealing with the health of our child. The difference is mostly caused by the level of simplification on the contained protein molecules. Alimentum is still protein hydrolysate-based, which means that the protein molecules are broken down into smaller, tiny pieces, but they are basically still protein. Meanwhile, Neocate is amino acid-based. In Neocate, the simplification process is taken much further. The protein molecules are disparted a lot into the smallest composer compound, amino acids.

Therefore, you can say that the substances within Neocate are simpler and easier to be digested than the ones from Alimentum. However, both of them contain DHA and ARA, which are crucial for your baby’s mental and visual development.

Neocate Vs Alimentum

Key features- Hypoallergenic, amino acid-based infant formula in a powdered form. - Simple 1:1 mixing (1 fluid ounce water to 1 scoop powder). Can be used for enteral nutrition oral or tube feeding. - Made in a 100% dairy-free facility with ingredients that are certified by suppliers to be derived from non-genetically modified organisms - The only hypoallergenic infant elemental formula that contains nucleotides. - Nutritionally complete infant formula. Provides all of the essential nutrients needed for infants 0-12 months.- Pack of six 1-pound cans of protein hydrolysate-based powdered infant formula with iron (6 total pounds) - Eliminates allergic reactions in most babies with protein allergies - Includes special nutrients found in breast milk, DHA and ARA clinically proven to support mental and visual development in baby's first year - Alimentum's hypoallergenic formula starts to relieve colic symptoms (due to protein allergies) in most babies in just 24 hours - Similac formulas provide the balance of protein, minerals, and other nutrients that helps give your baby a strong start in life

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So, Neocate or Alimentum? You can try Alimentum first. It works for most children. But, if your child is allergic to every form of protein, then you must choose Neocate.

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