Maclaren Techno XT Vs XLR

By | June 25, 2015

I have been a complete part timer and with my experience, I have come to realize that Maclaren techno is the best choice for me. It is among the best choices because its cost suits my budget. Furthermore, I and my fiancé are tall, with its adjustable handles, you can achieve the best positions that does not strain your body. I will prefer something that will last since the time the baby is born up to two years of his growth. That is the perfect reason why I chose Maclaren techno because of its durability. It can last up to two years since the time of purchase. However, I came to realized that they are two types, Maclaren techno xt vs xlr. How then can you differentiate between this products?

Maclaren Techno XT Vs XLR

As far as I can tell, then new Maclaren techno XLR is a bit expensive than XT. It is also bulkier than XT, however it is more comfortable for the wee one. Its stability is perfect thus it can be fitted with carry cot to let the baby lie flat and comfortable. If your car has less space, then you should consider purchasing XT since it is lighter than XLR. It is less cheap than XLR. Maclaren techno XT is easier to fit into small cars. It can be folded to fit less space unlike Techno XLR that is larger and bulkier thus requiring more space. XT prices are 200 pounds less than the new model XLR.

Maclaren Techno XT Vs XLR

Maclaren Techno XTMaclaren Techno XLR
Key features- One-hand recline four seat positions infant system with cocooning head and foot barrier - extra large, waterproof hood with sun visor and extra panel for maximum coverage viewing window and storage pocket - rain cover head hubber and shoulder pads included- One-hand recline, four seat positions, infant system with cocooning head and foot barrier - One-hand, compact umbrella fold, high performance aluminum chassis, removable washable seat fabric, rain cover, head hugger, shoulder pads, reversible seat liner and boot included

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In summary, getting the best experience involves choosing the right Maclaren techno xt vs xlr . As far as I am concerned, I would prefer purchasing XT model since its prices are affordable le and thus suits my budget. Furthermore, they are lighter than XLR thus being easier to move around comfortably. On the other hand, it makes it easier to fix XT model into less spaced cars. It can be folded to fit small space thus being suitable product for you too.

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