Juice Plus Vs Juicefestiv

By | January 9, 2015

Regular intake of fruits and vegetables ensures a regular supply of minerals and vitamins for your body. It is recommended by experts that, at least five servings of these must be taken daily. In order to achieve it, Juice Plus and Juicefestive were introduced so as to supplement your body with the necessary nutrients. Both are dietary supplements. If your kids are too picky about their food and you have difficulty convincing them about consuming sufficient fruits and vegetables these pills are the best solution.

Juice Plus Vs Juicefestiv

Juice plus is a mixture of 17 fruits and veggies. It is suggested to take 12 pills a day. Studies prove that stress is reduced and antioxidants are sucked up when consuming them. However, on the darker side, additional supplements must be consumed along with it. They are sugary and your kids would not complain about taking them but it might lead to cavities. It is quite expensive too. Due to its auto ship program, you must be aware that you have to purchase it once in every four months.

Juicefestive is an antioxidant supplement. It is a blend of 46 fruits and vegetables. It does not include artificial colors and flavors. It contains Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Beta Carotene. In order to increase the assimilation of the fruits and vegetables, a special enzyme blend is added. Stamina and overall health is improved by consuming it. It is suggested to take 4 tablets a day. It is affordable and effective. It doesn’t have side effects too. The only problem is that it is available only online.

Juice Plus Vs Juicefestiv

Juice Plus+Juicefestiv
BrandJuice PlusNatrol
Features- Made from fresh picked fruit and veggies - An all natural Food Supplement - JuiceFestiv contains 46 Fruits & Vegetables + Antioxidants, Probiotics and Digestive Enzymes

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Your children would likely drink more water due to these supplements.From the above juice plus vs Juicefestive discussion it is clear that both have similar benefits. However, it is seen that many are switching from juice plus to Juicefestive mainly due to monetary reasons. Considering the fact that juice plus has certain cons, Juicefestive is definitely way better than the former.

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