Joovy Caboose Vs Graco RoomFor2

By | July 14, 2014

The question of baby care is really a question of commitment. How willing are you to go the extra mile to achieve ultimate comfort and happiness for your child or children? This has been a question asked since the dawn of time and it will be asked again and again. The value of a good stroller is the difference between a raucous laughter and a piteous tearful whine. Here we have a showdown of two of the industry’s greatest strollers, the Joovy Caboose and the Graco RoomFor2. This is a close match and we will certainly be going into details on this one.

Joovy Caboose Vs Graco RoomFor2

On one hand, we have the Joovy Caboose. First thing to mention is that the Joovy Caboose is sold for a cheaper price than its counterpart. If this implies that the business simply likes affording the product to more customers or that the product is essentially inferior due to inferior resources, we may never know. The JC is an impressive piece of technology but its detractor is in its restraints. They say the sky is the limit, but it’s not so for the Joovy Caboose. One seat, does not recline. Sure it has cup holders but does that make up for its flaws? We’ll see.

Now, we have the Graco RoomFor2. This is a heavyweight in its class and with a knockout punch of double seats with full maneuverability including three different postures, it is not a very close match. The Graco RF2 is designed to hold children up to fifty pounds and allows them to choose between sitting, standing, or simply lying back and catching some much needed snoozy time. (Please read also: Graco Ready2Grow Vs RoomFor2)

Joovy Caboose Vs Graco RoomFor2

Joovy CabooseGraco RoomFor2
Key Features- Patented stand on tandem design - Most compact, maneuverable tandem available - Includes a universal infant car seat attachment - Large storage basket, child tray with 2 cup holders - Easy trigger fold design- Both seats accommodate up to 50 pounds for supreme flexibility. - Machine-washable seats are easy to clean. - Multi-position front seat and rear bench seat

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I think we have it there, folks. The simple versatility of the Graco RoomFor2 gives it the cutting edge and makes is victory over the Joovy Caboose. While the Joovy Caboose is an admirable device, the Graco RF2 simply outclasses it by a stretch.

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