Hygeia Enjoye Vs Medela Pump in Style

By | January 25, 2016

For working mothers and mothers that are not always at home for several hours, it becomes essential to have a breast pump as equipment necessary at home. Moreover, electric pumps are good to have around for those mothers who are not good at hand expressing or applying manual pump. Hygeia is mostly preferred to Medela based on the way it works. Hygeia has two distinct dials; one for controlling the strength and the other for speed. Medela has one knob for manipulating strength and a button for altering speed giving it an edge in terms of response time. Take a look : Ameda Purely Yours Vs Medela Pump In Style Advanced.

Hygeia Enjoye Vs Medela Pump in Style

Both pumps are roughly the same weight and size but Hygeia is a bit louder at full suction and speed. It also comes with a set of buttons to record and play back sounds encouraging let down. In terms of hygiene, medela scores higher as it seldom lets milk or moisture into the tubes which is common in Hygeia. Nevertheless, it is easier to wash up the Hygeia tubes as they are softer and bigger. Both pumps do score the same though, when it comes to the cleaning of the flanges and the bottles. I would recommend a breastfeeding mother to always store some spare parts around for both pumps just for convenience. Medela parts are readily available at stores as compared to Hygeia.

Hygeia Enjoye Vs Medela Pump in Style

Hygeia EnjoyeMedela Pump in Style
Key features-For long-term and frequent pumping needs including... -To maintain milk supply as well as to collect breastmilk -For single or double pumping. -Usually more affordable than other rental pumps -More portable and convenient than other rental pumps- canvas - Built in bottle holders to help prevent spills - Can be plugged in or run on AA batteries - 2 phase expression technology with one touch let down button - Built-in bottle holders to help prevent spills - 2-phase expression technology with one-touch let-down button

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To conclude, I would recommend a breastfeeding mother to first get Hygeia and where there is only one choice then it should be taken, as compared to Medela. This is because it is a closed system making it to be passed on/transferred safely after usage. Nevertheless, medela is not that disappointing as it is very effective for remote or office mothers. This is because of it does not get milk in the tubes, saving someone the time, space and effort required to clean more parts. They both have pros and cons in different areas and it is up to you to choose which works best for the situation at hand.

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