Graco FastAction Fold jogger vs Graco Modes jogger

Being a parent doesn’t always mean we have to neglect our body especially for mothers who often gain much weight during pregnancy. To make sure we are getting fit again, Graco FastAction Fold jogger vs Graco Modes jogger are two good jogging strollers so parents can still do some exercise such as a light jog while taking care of their little one. If you are also interested in these strollers, go check what they can offer below so we can pick the better option.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Why using a jogging stroller
– What are Graco FastAction Fold jogger and Graco Modes jogger
– What Graco FastAction Fold jogger and Graco Modes jogger Look Like
– How are the Canopy on Graco FastAction Fold jogger and Graco Modes jogger
– How are the Children Seat on Graco FastAction Fold jogger and Graco Modes jogger
– How are the Handlebar on Graco FastAction Fold jogger and Graco Modes jogger
– What Tire used in Graco FastAction Fold jogger and Graco Modes jogger
– How to Fold Graco FastAction Fold jogger and Graco Modes jogger
– Graco FastAction Fold jogger vs Graco Modes jogger

Jogging Stroller
When our children are born, we will have lesser time to take care of our body and even doing basic house chores we often can complete within minutes. Newborn and small children tend to take so much energy because they can be fussy and need supervision all the time since they still don’t have the sense of safety for themselves and the people around them. The parent should provide what their children need but we also need to take care of our body when possible.

Especially for mothers, many of us gain so much weight during pregnancy and carrying another human being in our tummy for 9 months are indeed putting so much stress so it is no wonder that mothers want to get back their previous body even after having one or more children. There is no problem with gaining those fit body again but since now we have small children that need supervision 24/7, finding time to exercise can be quite challenging.

If in the past we can go to the gym and bicycling anytime we don’t have other activities to do, now all of those free time are occupied by our little one. Sparing time to go to gym will probably not possible when there is no one at home but, walking can be a good substitution for an exercise routine because it doesn’t take much attention and can be done almost anywhere as long as we have space to walk. The best benefit is that we can carry our children along to bond with them.

Teaching our children a healthy habit will go a long way when they grow up but for babies and small children, they may not be able to follow the routine and get bored while walking. If mothers have babies and toddlers, a stroller will be a great help to accommodate the activity while also taking the little ones outside to enjoy the scenery or to bond while introducing them to the surroundings. A regular stroller is enough for the job but, if you are dealing with various terrains, the best option will be a jogging stroller.

Jogging stroller or also called joggers are a type of stroller with 3-wheel design and featured with rubber tires instead of forever or plastic tires so there will be some cushioning when running on rough terrain or uneven pavement. Depend on the model itself, some of them may have additional suspension to let parents challenge an even extreme terrain but still safe and comfortable for the passenger.

About Graco FastAction Fold jogger and Graco Modes jogger
If you need to get back in shape but don’t want to miss the chance to bond and take care of your children, now is the time to see what the manufacturers have to offer because there are so many of them. With the rising awareness of health, jogging strollers are very popular and widely used so getting one will be very easy but, since the options are huge, we may have to see what they can offer so then we can compare them side by side and getting the better choice.

If you don’t want to spend much time looking at those brands one by one, we can quicken the process by seeing what other parents with the same needs are using out there. One of the best stroller and juvenile products manufacturer today is Graco and they are also offering various stroller types as well as children car seat so parents can choose which model will fit them the most. For jogging stroller, the two suitable options are Graco FastAction Fold jogger and Graco Modes Jogger.

They are a very similar jogger and FastAction is probably one of the most popular in its price range due to the fairly affordable price and complete features. Modes at the other hand is also available in the regular version so make sure to find the one that made for jogging activity. The difference between the regular and jogging model is easily seen by the amount of wheels since a jogger will have 3 of them instead of 4. Both of them are single stroller with one seat and can’t be stacked with another.

Graco FastAction Fold jogger and Graco Modes jogger Design
When you see them for the first time, these two jogging strollers are very similar to each other if not the same because they are made by the same manufacturer and generally have the same main design. They are featured with 3-wheel so parents should be able to navigate the unit easily while jogging and when in a crowded or narrow area such as between shopping shelves. When you place them side by side, the Modes jogger is slightly taller.

Comparing the two, this model is also slightly heavier at 31 pounds while the other is 30 pounds. Since they are not very light as a stroller than many other similar units out there or especially those made for urban parents, we don’t recommend people to hand carry these two for long or while commuting with public transportation. Read also: Graco FastAction Fold jogger vs Baby Trend Expedition here.

Graco FastAction Fold jogger and Graco Modes jogger Canopy
When looking at a stroller, the first thing we often notice first is their canopy but, it seems that many parents don’t take this part seriously despite of their importance. Canopy is used to cover our little ones while strolling and when they are especially fussy about being exposed to sun rays, it adds reason on why we have to consider the canopy. Graco FastAction Fold jogger and Graco Modes jogger are coming with the same 2-panel canopy but is slightly different.

The one we get in Modes is a little bit higher at the front with an additional small visor to protect your children when the sun is high up there. These canopies are also featured with a peek window to keep an eye on your children while strolling and when not in used, we can fold them backward so children can enjoy their surroundings better such as in fairly breezy weather.

Graco FastAction Fold jogger and Graco Modes jogger Children Seat
Moving below, we can see the children seat on both strollers and they are padded properly to support the comfort of passenger but the one we get in Modes is more padded in our opinion yet still equally soft and plush. Graco FastAction Fold jogger and Graco Modes jogger are capable of being converted into a travel system but the sample we used today are only the stroller not included with the infant seat or the Click Connect infant car seat.

When needed, we can install this car seat above the children seat without removing the seat and what makes Modes special than FastAction is in this mode we can actually remove the whole children seat to convert the frame into baby carrier stroller. With this, we can choose to mount the children seat to face forward or face the parent which is not possible in FastAction that can only face one way; forward for the children seat and facing parent for the infant seat.
In addition, they are already coming with the children tray on the package so we don’t have to make additional purchases and this can be removed or swiveled so children can easily enter the seat and use the tray to keep their sippy drink or snacks on the go.

Graco FastAction Fold jogger and Graco Modes jogger Handlebar
Shifting the eyes upward at the back, here we can notice the handlebar and both of Graco FastAction Fold jogger and Graco Modes jogger are featured with the same handle style which is also padded for better comfort. However, it is a little bit unfortunate that the type they are using is here is a fixed handle so there is no way to adjust the height in case the parent or user height is taller or shorter than average. In addition, there is a tray for parents to keep bottles and small items.

Graco FastAction Fold jogger and Graco Modes jogger Tire and Folding
The last are their tires and folding mechanism and in this part, they also stay the same because both equally using rubber tire where the front can be swiveled. When you travel with the stroller, we can fold them to be more compact but won’t be as compact as umbrella strollers and in comparison, the Modes will be bigger in dimension compared to FastAction Fold yet, their final form will be half of the size where the latter is folded with the handlebar a opposed to concealed seat handle.

Now, let’s compare Graco FastAction Fold jogger with Graco Modes jogger. As you may already know, the prominent difference between both of these joggers is on the seat because Modes allow the user to remove the seat completely and convert the stroller into baby carrier to keep the weight as light as possible and allow the children seat to face either parent or forward unlike the fixed type in FastAction Fold. Additionally, Modes is also a little bit taller and bigger than FastAction.

Graco FastAction Fold jogger vs Graco Modes jogger

Graco FastAction Fold joggerGraco Modes jogger
Key features- Fast Action Fold Jogger Click Connect Jogging Stroller accepts all Graco Click Connect infant car seats with a secure one-step attachment - One-second, one-hand fold running stroller has an automatic storage lock and is self-standing when folded. For child up to 50 lbs - 3 wheel stroller with air-filled rubber tires to offer suspension.Stroller Seat Depth 14 inches;Reflectors for added low-light visibility - This infant jogging stroller features locking front swivel wheel provides an easy transition from daily strolling to jogging- Mom can use this jogger in Travel System mode, or with the infant car seat or toddler seat directly on the frame. Both seats are reversible so baby can face mom or the world. - Click Connect system provides a one-step, secure attachment of infant car seat to stroller - Features air-filled rubber tires, suspension, a safety tether, and reflectors for the ultimate jogging experience - Extra large canopy with breathable mesh includes a UV50 rating to keep little one shaded, and cool, while out

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All in all, the decision is all yours to make so it is always better to get the one that suit your family the most and providing all the features. However, if we are to choose, we will recommend people to pick Graco Modes jogger because it gives the parent a way to carry a lighter stroller by removing the children seat when not needed and adjust the seat to face parent or the surroundings.

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