Graco FastAction Fold jogger vs City Mini

One of the most issues when having a small children is travelling with them because holding them all the time will limit our mobility, moreover, if we need to do some errands as well. For those parents with small children and baby, having a stroller like Graco FastAction Fold jogger vs City Mini are a great option since they can be used to transport the baby. Go check what they can offer below before making a decision.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Which stroller fit you the most
– What are Graco FastAction Fold jogger and City Mini
– What Graco FastAction Fold jogger and City Mini Look Like
– How are the Canopy on Graco FastAction Fold jogger and City Mini
– How are the Children Seat on Graco FastAction Fold jogger and City Mini
– How are the Handlebar on Graco FastAction Fold jogger and City Mini
– What Tire Used in Graco FastAction Fold jogger and City Mini
– How to Fold Graco FastAction Fold jogger and City Mini
– Graco FastAction Fold jogger vs City Mini

Stroller Types
Being a parent is a lot of work but all of them worth the effort when seeing our children grow up happy and healthy. Especially for the mother, the hardship already begin since the pregnancy stage and until they are ready to be responsible for themselves, we are the one who are going to make sure the children are getting what they need. When they are older, children loves to walk and run while playing but baby and toddlers should be in parents monitor all the time.

To ease any parent with baby or toddlers, besides carrying them manually in our arms, using a stroller can be a good option as well and the choice of many modern parents because of the convenience. There is no rule that said we can’t hold them while travelling or transporting the baby but if you have more than one at a time or need to move more freely and have to complete some errands, using a stroller will be a much help.

The prominent benefit of having a stroller is we don’t have to carry them in our arm all the time, so at least we have less weight to deal with and with a stroller, we can focus more to complete some tasks since the baby is secured on the passenger seat. However, before going to shop and picking a stroller out there, we need to decide which stroller model suit our family the best for not all of us have the same preference.

In general, stroller can be differentiated by the type between regular stroller and a jogger with addition of umbrella strollers. Like everything else, we may have more than one of them in the same type of different depend on how we are going to use the unit. Regular stroller is the one we often see being used to transport baby and small children that can only be used on fairly flat, smooth surface in which the jogger model is designed to be used as a helper for active parents.

Jogger commonly have rubber tire to accommodate different surface and a more versatile options for those who also loves to exercise while taking care of their children. An umbrella stroller at the other hand is the one people may want to use when they move or travel a lot with public transportation thanks to the simple and fairly lighter frame so parent don’t have to deal with much weight while moving from one plane or train to another. Read also: Evenflo Pivot vs Urbini here.

About Graco FastAction Fold jogger and City Mini
If you already know what kind of stroller will suit the family the most, now is the time to see what the market has to offer. There are so many good strollers in the market and while it can be hard to decide which brand at first, we can eliminate a huge sum of options just by seeing the popular manufacturers used by other parents. A well-known names are not necessarily the best but they have trusted quality so we can use their product with ease.

Two of the best brand for baby stroller are Graco and Baby Jogger and if you already making some light research, we are sure these names showed up often on the best stroller options by various sites and numerous users. These brands are also offering a fairly wide option for baby and youth products including car seat to keep your children safe while on board. For those who need a stroller that can be easily maneuvered, Graco FastAction Fold jogger and City Mini are two great models to go.

Both of them are often compared because they have a similar design but as the name suggest, the latter is not a jogger which mean we can’t use it as a companion for your jogging activity and not made to be used on rougher surface. As opposed, the jogger model is one of the best pick among other many highly rated jogging strollers out there thanks to the affordable price and enough features to support the activity and utility.

The one we are talking here are the stroller only model since if needed, we can purchase them as set in case you also need a baby carrier and convert the stroller into a travel system. The Graco stroller is suitable with all Graco Click Connect infant car seat while Baby Jogger offer adapters to support different infant car seats from other brands as well in addition to their own City Go seat.

Graco FastAction Fold jogger and City Mini Design
As you can see from the sample picture above, these strollers are supporting a similar design but is also different because the City Mini stroller is supporting two small tires on the front as opposed to only one in FastAction. Both are coming with visibly the same features and same weight capacity at 50 pounds. The jogger stroller is actually quite heavy compared to many similar strollers out there measured around 30 pounds while the latter is only at 17 pounds.

Graco FastAction Fold jogger and City Mini Canopy
When looking at a stroller, the first thing we see is their canopy so let’s talk about this part first since some parents often missed it when looking for a stroller. The one we get in FastAction is two panel canopy that can be fold or extended and featured with mesh material on the side so children can ride with more breeze in summer while the City Mini from Baby Jogger is a full 3-panel which is higher at the top compared to the previous jogger.

It also can be extended or folded and featured with a small window at the top to peek at your baby while strolling, the same is available in FastAction as well. While they are enough to cover the passenger when riding, in our opinion the City Mini is capable of providing more shade especially when the sun is very bright.

Graco FastAction Fold jogger and City Mini Children Seat
Moving below, we can see the padded seat on both strollers and similarly, they are adjustable in position to be lower or straight but they are not made to lay fully flat to accommodate smaller babies or replacement for a baby carrier. The seat is featured with five-point harness and as for the FastAction, this stroller is already coming with a bumper bar for the passenger to hold while riding but, if you also need the same bar for City Mini, we have to purchase it separately.

As it has been mentioned above, both of them can be converted into a travel system and carrying an infant car seat on top of their children seat. What’s different is currently Graco doesn’t manufactured adaptor so it is better to stick with their Click Connect seat unlike the Baby Jogger that is also offering adaptors to let you fit some other infant seats on the frame.

Graco FastAction Fold jogger and City Mini Handlebar
Shifting the eyes up, here we can see their handlebar and in this side, they are equally using a connected handlebar with some cushioning or pad for more comfortable handling. The FastAction is already featured with a parent tray on the package so we don’t have to make additional purchase in case you need one and as for the Baby Jogger City Mini, this stroller doesn’t have the tray yet thus, an additional purchase is necessary to complement the unit.

What’s unfortunate is even though many other strollers out there are already made with adjustable handle, it is not with any of these models for the one we get here are fixed handlebar so parent with taller or shorter build than average may find it awkward when pushing the unit around.

Graco FastAction Fold jogger and City Mini Tire and Folding
Moving down below, the tire for each models are different and as a jogging stroller, we are getting a rubber tire in FastAction while the City Mini is using a regular EVA tire or also called forever tire so using them on rough surface may not be a good decision. On the folding part, they are folded the same by pulling the concealed handle that will collapse the stroller into half for convenient storing and transporting.

Now, let’s compare Graco FastAction Fold jogger with City Mini. As you may already know, the prominent difference between these strollers is the type because the first one is jogging stroller and the latter is a regular 3-wheel strollers for flat and smooth surface. The other difference that may affect your decision is City Mini has longer canopy and provide adaptor for some different infant car seat brands yet, they are not including bumping bar or parent tray on the package.

Graco FastAction Fold jogger vs City Mini

Graco FastAction Fold joggerCity Mini
Key features- Fast Action Fold Jogger Click Connect Jogging Stroller accepts all Graco Click Connect infant car seats with a secure one-step attachment - One-second, one-hand fold running stroller has an automatic storage lock and is self-standing when folded. For child up to 50 lbs - 3 wheel stroller with air-filled rubber tires to offer suspension.Stroller Seat Depth 14 inches;Reflectors for added low-light visibility - This infant jogging stroller features locking front swivel wheel provides an easy transition from daily strolling to jogging- Lightweight Stroller: The essence of urban mobility: lightweight, compact and nimble - The Fold: Patented quick fold technology allows stroller to fold in one step - Seat: Multiple recline positions with a 50 lb. weight capacity - Canopy: UB 50+ sun canopy can be adjusted for differing head heights. Features two peak-a-boo windows

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All in all, the decision is all yours to make because not all of us will have the same preference so it is best to follow what you need but, if we are to choose, we will recommend you to pick the Graco FastAction Fold jogger because not only it is more versatile for different occasions, it is also more affordable than City Mini by Baby Jogger.

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