Graco Extend2Fit VS 4Ever

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As a parent we are always concerned about our kids safety and since we often travel with a car, using a safety car seat is the most basic system to have. Different families may want different car seats such as Graco Extend2Fit Vs 4Ever. These car seats are very easy to install and also protective but since car seats are never cheap, it is wise to choose carefully and before deciding the option, let’s see below about what these seats can offer here.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • Why Using Safety Car Seat
  • What are Graco Extend2Fit and 4Ever
  • How are the Design of Graco Extend2Fit and 4Ever
  • How are the Installation of Graco Extend2Fit and 4Ever
  • How are the Fit of Graco Extend2Fit and 4Ever
  • What else Graco Extend2Fit and 4Ever can offer
  • Graco Extend2Fit Vs 4Ever

Safety Car Seat

Cars are very convenient and you can drive almost anywhere too with the proper vehicle and navigation system. The concern about vehicles is always their safety because there are so many of them on the road and moving at different speeds. Being a parent we have to consider our children’s safety and wellbeing while using the vehicle. This is why children until a certain age or height need to sit in their proper safety seat before being able to use the car’s seat belt.

The reason why the car’s seat belt is not properly securing the kids is because they are too big and loose. The seats are made and designed for adults thus, they are fitting larger bodies as well and babies or children are still too small to be secured or restrained using the system. In order to keep the safety or provide safety features in every car, safety car seats are always used and mandatory in many states or countries. The seat will replace the function of the seat belt until the passenger is tall or big enough.

The safety car seat can look like an extension of your car’s seat. The smaller one or baby carrier is looking like a pod and usually can be mounted on a carrier or stroller. They have five point harnesses and are perfect to carry newborn. They are also very convenient because the base can be left in the car and we carry the main housing with the seat. On the other hand rear or front facing safety car seats are larger and not designed to be carried a lot.

They are looking like most carseat too, with enough padding and adjustable base. The difference is that the base is becoming one with the seat so we can’t remove them separately; removing the seat means removing the base too. As you can guess, the main function of a safety seat is to provide the proper protection and this is why they have 5 point harnesses for smaller kids, to help with restraining their body when there is an impact happening to the vehicle.

The construction itself is also meant to cushion the body during the impact. Many companies usually have some technology that is meant to layer the housing or construction to help the seats absorb impact faster or dissipate it more effectively in order to reduce the amount of energy transferred to the passenger. In addition, the rear seat is safer overall based on the installation and impact but there is only so much space with this type of installation and thus, the passenger needs to move into the front installation after.

Graco Extend2FitGraco 4Ever
Product Dimensions19.2 x 25.2 x 22.1 inches
21 x 19 x 23 inches
Shipping Weight23.2 lbs.
22.7 lbs.
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

About Graco Extend2Fit and 4Ever

There are plenty to choose from based on which seems to match the need in your family. Safety car seat is determined by the height and weight so it is easy to find the perfect solution for our growing kids but, to add into the overall experience it is wise to get one with a more convenient installation. Parents can choose from so many different brands and models but car seats are not cheap so we need to shop wisely.

For those who want good quality products and also ease of use, Graco is one of the best to consider. This brand is very popular for the amount of options and they are also one of the best when it comes to safety as well as convenience. We are liking many of their strollers before and as the kids need to travel with the family, installing a car seat is a must. They do have pretty interesting options too which can often be slightly confusing to choose.

If the kid is moving from the previous rear-facing seat into a larger seat, the Graco Extend2Fit and 4Ever will be two very ideal models to consider. These seats are versatile meaning we can use them both while facing the rear or forward after the kid is tall enough. Since rear facing is a safer installation, it is wise to keep the passenger here as long as possible and for these seats, it can be until the kid surpasses 50 pounds or 43 inches tall.

Both Graco Extend2Fit and 4Ever are very similar to each other for what they can offer and the best part in our opinion is their weight or height range itself. However, if you plan on using the same seat for longer and optimizing the budget, we will recommend getting the Graco 4Ever instead and this is because as the name suggests this seat is very long lasting or capable of being used until a few years later with higher weight capacity and booster mode.

Graco Extend2Fit and 4Ever Design

It may have nothing to do with the seat’s performance or features but we love pretty things and car seats often have different shades to incorporate as well. These two are very similar style wise as you can see on the sample picture above but they are not exactly identical. The design of 4Ever is arguably chunkier but it is not wider than the Extend2Fit. On the widest part this seat is measured at 19 inches and the Extend2Fit is 20 inches.

The material looks equally soft as well but for the 4Ever, it is available in DX variant or Deluxe which is a higher version with added features and thicker foam. The one we have today is their standard variant and it is similarly comfy. The seats also combine both regular and mesh material to improve comfort and breathability. The seat weight itself is 23.2 and 22.7 pounds respectively so they are not too bulky either.

Graco Extend2Fit and 4Ever Installation 

Now for the most important part, let’s see what the Graco Extend2Fit and 4Ever can offer starting from the installation because car seats are infamous for being tricky. The seat’s base has reclining options and children below 3 months old must use the angle in light blue range on the recline guide. To use the lower anchor, we need to remove the anchor from its storage and if necessary, we can open the seat to expose the belt path.

When using a seat belt for rear installation, parents need to put the lower anchor connector on the forward facing storage so we can thread the seatbelt through the belt path; there is a very convenient opening to make accessing this belt path easier. Forward facing is easier compared to the rear installation and the lower anchor is probably the easiest to use among the methods available yet, it may vary depending on the parent’s car. Read also: Graco Extend2Fit Vs SlimFit here.

Graco Extend2Fit and 4Ever Fit

Next we want to talk about the fit of Graco Extend2Fit and 4Ever which is very similar but also different. They can be used from newborn with inserts to make sure the seat fits and until the passenger is tall enough to finally move into the higher seat. The rear facing range is from 4-50 pounds and height of 43 inches while the front facing is from 22-65 pounds and height of 49 inches. Make sure that your kid is at least one inch shorter than the highest headrest.

What makes 4Ever different is because it offers booster mode with a weight range from 30 pounds to 100 pounds or from 38 to 57 inches with the back attached. You can detach the back as well and in this mode the seat can be used from 40 to 120 pounds or from 40 to 57 inches tall, making the seat can be used for long.

Graco Extend2Fit and 4Ever Features

There are so many good car seats based on which seems to fit the kid’s weight and height. As for the features part, the Graco Extend2Fit and 4Ever are very simple. You can find a cup holder on the side of the seat for storage and the height of the headrest is adjustable to meet the kid’s height. Reclining functions are mostly used for rear installation so they are not useful for comfort. Additionally the Extend2Fit has this adjustable foot extender when in rear position.

Graco Extend2Fit Vs 4Ever

These safety seats are very ideal for a growing family and the fact that we can use them for longer is great to save the budget too. In comparison, both of them have the same weight and height range for rear and front installation while the difference is because 4Ever is also available in booster mode. This booster mode allows the seat to carry a much heavier passenger and also taller height both when using the back rest or as a backless booster.

- Convertible car seat grows with your child from rear-facing harness (4-50lbs) to forward-facing harness (22-65 pounds)
- Made of Steel reinforced | Product dimensions – 20.75” D x 19” W x 24.5” H | Product weight – 19.25 lbs.
- Up to 50 pounds rear facing, allowing your child to safely ride rear-facing longer
- Graco ProtectPlus Engineered | Simply Safe Adjust no-rethread headrest and harness adjust together.Do not use bleach
- 4 in 1 car seat gives you 10 years of use: seamlessly transforms from rear facing harness car seat (4 40 pounds), to forward facing harness car seat (22 65 pounds), to high back belt positioning booster (40 100 pounds), to backless belt positioning booster (40 120 pounds)
- Graco protect Plus engineered helps to protect Your little one in frontal, side, rear and rollover crashes
- Simply safe adjust harness system adjusts the height of your harness and headrest to 10 positions in one motion to ensure that Your child is always properly secured.Do not use bleach
- 6 position recline helps keep your growing child comfy on Your many journeys together


NOTE : Product prices, availability, ratings and save money information are accurate as of the date/time indicated on post time (as seen right bellow the tittle) and are subject to change. Any price, ratings, availability and save money information displayed on Amazon Site at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

The option is all yours because they are quite different and for parents who don’t wish to buy a new seat soon, we will recommend getting the 4Ever because while it is more expensive, the seat has a long lasting use but do note they have expiration date as well.

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