Graco Atlas 65 vs Tranzitions

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Speaking about the best car seat for your lovely one usually will come to several best brands. One of the famous brands in the world that committed to providing various baby and kids apparel is Graco. This is an American company that manages to produce high-quality baby supporting equipment such as baby box, baby stroller, and also baby car seat. This commitment always successfully brings together with the launch of the product. Including when they decide to launch the two car seat, Atlas 65 and Tranzitions. If you plan to buy one of the mentioned products, then you will need to get more information about Graco Atlas 65 VS Tranzition. The following paragraphs will help you to get some clear overview of their features, price, and specifications.

Graco Atlas 65

Graco Atlas 65 is a two in one harness car seat that produced with many excellent capabilities. Overall, this product launched with several great features including the rear-facing and forward-facing capability. For more detailed information, below are the lists of all features included in this car seat. Read also: Graco Atlas 65 vs Graco Nautilus.

  • The product completed with a removable and washable seat pad. Therefore, it is easy to clean up from any dirt.
  • It consists of two reclines and five harness height positions. It also has two crotch strap positions with an easy adjustment.
  • The products completed with a dual cup holder to put baby cups or bottles while traveling.
  • It is available in two tons of color named Glacier and Nyssa to select.
  • It consists of a simple system to adjusts the height of the harness and headrest in one motion. It helps the children to keep secure and safe.
  • The product also features an integrated harness storage compartment that can be used to store unused harness straps. This strap can clean.
  • All the parts and materials are engineered and crash tested according to US standard FMVSS 213.

When you decide to have the product, you also need to consider the pros and cons of this series. According to many reviews, the product has several pros such as:

  • Able to use up to 100lbs weight and 49 inches tall.
  • Lightweight to carry on and simple installation of the harness.
  • It has been certified with FAA approval for its harness system.
Graco Atlas 65 Graco Tranzitions
Product Dimensions19 x 22 x 25 inches
18.9 x 10.5 x 33.5 inches
Shipping Weight16.6 pounds
14.97 pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

However, unfortunately, that Graco Atlas 65 only has two positions, harness booster or high back booster. While if we compare to other models, they usually able to convert to a backless booster. Therefore, this might be something that you need to concern about.

Graco Tranzitions

The next item is Graco Tranzitions. This is also a good harness car seat produced by Graco and manages to bring a safe way to carry the baby while traveling in a car. The good news is that this series is a three in one harness car seat. Overall, this product was launch with some excellent features as listed below:

  • 3-in-1 harness booster which able to use from toddler to youth.
  • Simple harness system that allows adjustment in the headrest and harness together.
  • Lightweight and portable, easy to set up.
  • Consists of 8-position adjustable headrest.
  • Completed with dual cup holders.
  • Completed with an open-loop belt guide which able to help position correction with the car seat belt.
  • Machine washable seat pad, harness, and body support.

Similarities and Difference

Since both products coming from the same brand, there are some similarities that you can find on each item. In general, they both having the same similarity as listed below:

  • The forward-facing harness is suitable for baby and kids up to 65lbs weight. While the backless booster weight is capable to carry up to 100lbs weight.
  • Since Graco cares so much about the quality of the product, whether Graco Atlas 65 or Graco Tranzitions were tested with side-impact tests and rigorously crash tests. Therefore, you will need not worry if concerning the safety and quality of the car seat.
  • Both completed with a cup holder to hold the baby cup or baby bottle. This is benefit along with the travel to prepare the drink for the baby.

However, if you compare in more detail, Graco Atlas 65 VS Tranzitions have several unique differences. Therefore, it is important to notice this difference before selecting suitable types for your baby. In conclusion, the following lists are different from Graco Atlas 65 and Graco Tranzitions.

  • If you look at the detail, the safety harness in Graco Atlas 65 can be adjusted in 10 positions. While in Graco Tranzitions, it only able to adjust in 8 positions.
  • Graco Tranzitions can converts to a backless booster while Graco Atlas 65 doesn’t have this feature.
  • Graco Atlas 65 completed with recline options.
  • The bottle holder of Graco Tranzitions is removable. It also features armrest.


Produced by the same brand doesn’t mean sold at the same price. Therefore, considering the price of each product is also important to notice. For information, Graco Atlas 65 is now selling at the market for $115, while Graco Tranzitions is selling for $100. This makes Graco Tranzition a little bit cheaper than Graco Atlas 65.

Graco Atlas 65 vs Tranzitions

Graco Atlas 65 Graco Tranzitions
Key features- 3-in-1 harness booster helps protect your child, from toddler to youth - Harness Booster (22 - 65 pounds.), high back booster (30 - 100 pounds.), and backless booster (40 - 120 pounds.) - Simply Safe Adjust Harness System headrest and harness adjust together - Be sure to check your local and state laws, as well as AAP and NHTSA recommendations, for car seat usage- 3 in 1 harness booster helps protect your child, from toddler to youth; harness booster (22 to 65 pounds) - Simply Safe Adjust Harness System adjusts the height of your harness and headrest in one motion; one hand, 5 position adjustable headrest easily adapts for your growing child - Engineered & rigorously crash tested to meet or exceed US standard FMVSS 213; the Nautilus 65 has been side impact tested for occupant retention solely with the built in 5 point harness system - Dual cup holders help keep your child's drink close; lightweight, portable seat is ideal for busy, active parents

Customer ratings*4.0. out of 5 stars4.7. out of 5 stars
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From the explanation above, it can be concluding that the most essential difference of Graco Atlas 65 VS Tranzitions is the backless booster conversion. This is a thing that you wouldn’t be able to find in Graco Atlas 65. Therefore, if it is an important feature to get, then you should select Graco Tranzition. Not to mention that Graco Tranzition has a cheaper price than the Atlas 65 series. Which means that you can get more features with less money.

NOTE : Product prices, availability, ratings and save money information are accurate as of the date/time indicated on post time (as seen right bellow the tittle) and are subject to change. Any price, ratings, availability and save money information displayed on Amazon Site at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

Overall, it seems that Graco Tranzitions bring more benefits in many technical aspects. However, the color choice between both products also different. Therefore, you need to make sure whether you will choose the color and design, or you will concern about the features and price. It will come back to each parent’s preference. In the end, both are well-tested car seats that high recommended in case you’re looking for a secure product that able to keep your baby safe during the travel.


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