Evenflo Pivot Modular travel system vs UPPAbaby Vista

A stroller will be a huge help when having a child because they will lift some of the weight from our shoulders especially when carrying the little one outside to spend some leisure time or travelling. Evenflo Pivot Modular travel system vs UPPAbaby Vista are two good options if you need more versatility from the equipment thanks to their rich features but, they are also different. Before choosing one, make sure to check our article below to see what they can offer to you.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Why Choosing Travel System
– What are Evenflo Pivot Modular travel system and UPPAbaby Vista
– What Evenflo Pivot Modular travel system and UPPAbaby Vista Look Like
– How are the Canopy on Evenflo Pivot Modular travel system and UPPAbaby Vista
– How are the Children Seat on Evenflo Pivot Modular travel system and UPPAbaby Vista
– How are the Handlebar on Evenflo Pivot Modular travel system and UPPAbaby Vista
– What Tire used in Evenflo Pivot Modular travel system and UPPAbaby Vista
– How to Fold Evenflo Pivot Modular travel system and UPPAbaby Vista
– Evenflo Pivot Modular travel system vs UPPAbaby Vista

Stroller and Travel System
Travelling with children will take much energy because we have to always pay attention to them and just like when taking care of someone, we are required to be in monitoring mode all the time. Forgetting the fussiness aside, taking a child for travelling or just a simple trip to grocery shopping can be a challenging task to do because we are doing two jobs at once and while it can be fun to teach them various things outside, it will also takes so much energy.

Children who can already walk on their own will be happily run and explore their environment but, when outside we have to make sure they are always in the range of our eyes to prevent accident that we are not aware of. However, for babies who can’t walk yet or toddler, we can only keep them on their carrier or carry them on our arms. Different babies will have different weight and parents fitness not always the same while many of us already worn out from common house chores already.

This is why we often see parents using baby carrier and stroller when outside whether their child is still a toddler or even when they actually can walk and run themselves. A stroller will lift so much weight from the parents because it is like a transportation for small children so we don’t have to carry them on our arms all the time and require less energy to push, pull, or control. It can also be carried anywhere depend on the equipment type.

A stroller mostly have additional compartment such as basket and pockets which are very useful to keep their belongings or even grocery stores or bag while strolling outside so we don’t have to carry them manually anymore. Stroller can be sold with the accessories like infant car seat and baby carrier or bassinet in the package and making them a travel system, especially those that can accept and already have infant car seat in it. A travel system is essential when having small baby because it allows parents to transport their child properly.

Baby should sit in their infant car seat until reaching the maximum weight or height then they will move to booster seat until youth. A travel system is an ideal choice for parents who want to shop quickly because we don’t have to check the compatibility between stroller and the infant car seat since not all strollers can accept all type of car seat especially those made by different manufacturers.

About Evenflo Pivot Modular travel system and UPPAbaby Vista
If you don’t want to do the hassle of checking their compatibility one by one, it is good to pick a travel system set instead of getting an individual item. While some brands do offer adapter for their strollers, not all of them will match any seat and if the seat doesn’t match the stroller, we are afraid it can’t secure them properly so it can be dangerous for the passenger. There is a huge collection of stroller by different manufacturers out there but we have to choose carefully.

When talking about stroller, we can choose those made by popular names or those less known depend on your preference but, it is better to set a budget first since not all of them have the same price range even though the features doesn’t differ much. If you are determined to get a high-quality strollers and don’t mind spending more than the average strollers or juvenile products, Evenflo and UPPAbaby are two good brands to go with various models in the catalogue.

They may not be the cheapest or budget friendly brand compared to other stroller maker like Baby Trend and Graco but, there are some features we don’t often find in those brands as well. Especially those parents who ask more from their baby stroller such as versatility and ability to change the children seat position, Evenflo Pivot Modular travel system and UPPAbaby Vista are the most suitable option. The Vista stroller is also offering more because this model is built for more than one baby.

If you are not planning to use the stroller for more than one baby, check our previous article on Evenflo Pivot Modular travel system vs UPPAbaby Cruz here. Both of them are high-quality and are fairly more expensive than a standard stroller so parents may be very curious of what they can offer. In general, they can do what most strollers do with some additional features especially the Vista model.

We can get them individually or the stroller only but, if you want to use them since infancy stage, it is better to go for the travel system set with their own infant car seat so we don’t have to look from another brand.

Evenflo Pivot Modular travel system and UPPAbaby Vista Design
As you can see from the sample picture above, both of them are very fashionable with simple design and pretty color options. Their children seats are not built into the frame so we can see that they have some type of locking system which then allow the part to be fully removed from the frame and replaced with the accessories such as the infant car seat. The sample we are using is a travel system so Pivot Modular have SafeMax seat and Vista have Mesa seat.

While they look bulky and heavy, the frame itself is actually not going to take much energy to carry or put and take from the car trunk. The Vista stroller with its regular seat is weighing around 26.6 pounds and can take up to 50 pounds passenger while the Pivot Modular is even lighter only at 20 pounds with the children seats.

Evenflo Pivot Modular travel system and UPPAbaby Vista Canopy
When checking at any stroller, the first thing that attracts our attention will be the canopy because it is the most prominent part in the equipment. Evenflo Pivot Modular travel system and UPPAbaby Vista are featured with the same type of canopy, have 3-panel and 2-panel to protect your little ones while strolling, and can be folded or extended as needed. What’s special is Vista actually have additional visor kept on the inner side of the canopy to provide additional protection from sun rays.

In each of their canopies, there is a small window covered with the same fabric to keep an eye on your little ones as they sit or sleep while we push the stroller so the parents don’t have to stop and check from the front opening.

Evenflo Pivot Modular travel system and UPPAbaby Vista Children Seat
Moving below the canopy, here we can see the children seat and both of them have the same type of seats with some padding, five-point harness, and wide space to sit comfortably. When used since infancy stage, this seat can be removed and replaced with an infant car seat so the weight will be reduced while travelling with the stroller. Pivot Modular allow parents to convert the children seat into a bassinet but Vista will need an additional bassinet to have the same function.

They are reversible and can be installed facing the road or parent as needed but, the Vista stroller is featured with additional adapter so parents can put another seat into the frame in case you have two small children who still need a stroller outside. This feature is not present in Pivot Modular because the stroller can only carry one passenger with weight limit difference of 5 pounds between the two stroller models.

Evenflo Pivot Modular travel system and UPPAbaby Vista Handlebar
Shifting the eyes upward, we can notice the handlebar in which some strollers also have a parent tray. Unfortunately, both of Evenflo Pivot Modular travel systems and UPPAbaby Vista have no tray in the package. The handlebar in these strollers are also different because the first option is only featured with a fixed handlebar so parents can’t adjust it to be lower or taller according to their height but the Vista stroller have this additional feature, making it more pleasant for couple with height difference to push and maneuver the equipment better.

Evenflo Pivot Modular travel system and UPPAbaby Vista Tire
The last important thing in a stroller is their tire because it will decide in what kind of surface they can roll on. These two are only coming with polyurethane tires so they are not suitable for rougher terrain with soil or gravel and an only roll on flat surface or used indoors. Vista stroller is better however because this model already have additional suspension which is absorbing some bumps compared to Pivot Modular. In general it can create a smoother riding than the other.

Evenflo Pivot Modular travel system and UPPAbaby Vista Folding
As for the folding system, Evenflo Pivot Modular travel system and UPPAbaby Vista are folded into a smaller and compact form for keeping and transporting purpose but, the Pivot Modular is fold without the seat while the other can be folded with the seat intact in their frame.

Now, let’s compare Evenflo Pivot Modular travel system with UPPAbaby Vista. As you may already know, the prominent difference between both of them is on the ability to carry two children seats in Vista frame which is not possible in Pivot Modular model. The other difference are additional visor to protect your children and suspension for a smoother ride in Vista stroller as well as the adjustable handlebar. However, Pivot Modular allow the children seat to be converted into a bassinet and offer more value to the set.

Evenflo Pivot Modular travel system vs UPPAbaby Vista

Evenflo Pivot Modular travel systemUPPAbaby Vista
Key features- FLEXIBLE INFANT TRAVEL SYSTEM: The Evenflo Pivot Modular Travel System is a car seat and stroller combo featuring the Sarema Infant Car Seat and Safe Zone Base, infused with parent- and child-friendly accessories. - VERSATILE & LIGHTWEIGHT: The Evenflo 3-piece stroller set features a modular frame with 6 modes. The reversible mode permits your baby to face in or out, while the seat converts to carriage, frame stroller, or travel system mode with ease. - EASY INFANT CAR SEAT TRANSFER: This car seat and stroller combo has been designed with a stay-in-car base that allows for a quick and safe infant car seat connection from stroller to car and vice-versa. - MULTIPLE HANDY FEATURES: The Evenflo Pivot Modular Travel System also includes an oversized storage basket, a safe-zone base, and a blanket boot. A large canopy and removable arm bar make baby transfer easier and improve comfort.- The Ultimate travel system bundle. Includes Vista Stroller and Mesa Infant Car Seat. - Adapts to Your Family- Configures smartly to adapt to growing families. - Multiposition Recline- Reclines flat with one hand for naps on the go. - One-Step Fold- Folds in one step with or without seat attached.

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All in all, the decision is all yours to make because not all of us will have the same preference and require the same type of stroller. Choosing between the two is very easy because if you only have one child and plan to use them for only one at a time, Evenflo Pivot Modular travel system is the better choice considering the features and price point but if you have two small children or want to used them for two passengers at a time, the UPPAbaby Vista is the most ideal option.

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