Evenflo Pivot Modular Travel System vs UPPAbaby Cruz

Travel system is a necessary equipment when our baby is born because they are very useful to transport them from place to another or just to spend some leisure time outside the house such as go to the nearby park and zoo. Evenflo Pivot Modular travel system vs UPPAbaby Cruz are two best option to choose among the huge collections available from different brands but, before going to shop, go see what they can offer below so we can match the unit with our needs better.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Why Choosing Travel System
– What are Evenflo Pivot Modular Travel System and UPPAbaby Cruz
– What Evenflo Pivot Modular Travel System and UPPAbaby Cruz Look Like
– How are the Canopy on Evenflo Pivot Modular Travel System and UPPAbaby Cruz
– How are the Children Seat on Evenflo Pivot Modular Travel System and UPPAbaby Cruz
– How are the Handlebar on Evenflo Pivot Modular Travel System and UPPAbaby Cruz
– What Tire used in Evenflo Pivot Modular Travel System and UPPAbaby Cruz
– How to Fold Evenflo Pivot Modular Travel System and UPPAbaby Cruz
– Evenflo Pivot Modular Travel System vs UPPAbaby Cruz

Stroller and Travel System
Being a parent is not the easiest thing to do because we were required to be multi-tasking and able to do various jobs at once especially for mothers and parents who work from home. While it can be very tiring for most of the time, we are happy to see our children growing up healthy and happily together with the family. One of the tricky parts when being a parent is going out with our little ones since they need monitoring all the time.

Children may lose their way when taken to a crowded place because their attention is occupied by something else especially when parents have more than one to monitor at once. While baby can be hold with baby carriers, it is different when they are growing older as their weight increase making it impossible for the parent to hold all the time. If your baby is already too heavy for you, it is probably good to use a stroller instead whether a jogging stroller, umbrella stroller, or a regular stroller.

They are also useful for smaller baby because most of strollers frame are capable of being installed with an infant car seat regardless the one comes in the travel system set or sold separately; they usually match with the car seat from the same manufacturer. The one thing that separates a stroller with travel system is only the infant car seat. They are a very suitable option when the parent wants to simplify the shopping activity by just getting one and don’t want to check the stroller with car seat separately.

This is because not all strollers will match any infant car seat which is the main issue when getting them from different brand especially when the brand doesn’t provide a collection of adapter. However, if the stroller is known to be capable of accepting various infant car seat, we can mix and match the model and brand as needed. Besides making sure the infant car seat fit the stroller, we also need to check their features of model to suit the capabilities with our need.

This is because there are several strollers type mentioned above such as regular strollers, jogging stroller, and umbrella stroller. A regular stroller probably what we see the most often outside, a jogging stroller is the one used for the activity but can be used as regular stroller too, and the last umbrella stroller is a model with smaller frame and build with lighter weight to accommodate parents who moves a lot with public transportation. Read also: Baby Trend Expedition vs Expedition EZ here.

About Evenflo Pivot Modular Travel System
If you already making up the mind and decide to use a stroller instead of baby carrier to lift some of the weight from our shoulders, now is the time to see what the market has to offer since there are so many of them. Manufacturers have their own design and while the common options have the same type of features, many of them also have something special to offer depend on the brand and how they designed the unit. One of the best options when it comes to baby stroller is Evenflo.

They are probably not among the most affordable brands out there but, they are also offering more than the standard capabilities we often find on regular stroller. They made various models and have different name as well as improving their strollers almost every year. If you want to use the stroller since infancy stage, the Pivot Modular travel system is a very suitable model to go. The name Pivot itself mirror the prominent feature of the stroller that related to the seating position.

Evenflo Pivot Modular Travel System Design
When looking at the set, the first thing that comes to our mind is how pretty the unit compared to many others because it is made to look fashionable yet simple with a silver frame and single color such as grey, black, or purple for the rest of the parts. It has fairly big build and removable seat to adjust the seating options. Since this is a travel system, there is an infant seat on the package and for this model, it is accompanied with SafeMax seat and total stroller weight of 38.5 pounds.

Evenflo Pivot Modular Travel System Canopy
Like many other stroller, the most prominent part on the unit will be the canopy and as for Evenflo Pivot Modular travel system, it is featured with 3-panel canopy and already capable of covering the passenger while strolling. The canopy has a small window at the top to check on your little one without having to stop the stroller. It can be folded or extended fully but won’t cover the whole opening in case you also travel in winter or fall to keep children warm.

Evenflo Pivot Modular Travel System Children Seat
Moving into the children seat, this is the best feature on this stroller because many similar models out there only have fixed seat and allow the infant seat to be installed above the children seat facing rear. This model however, allow parents to remove the whole seat and replace it with infant car seat only to lighten the weight and we can also change the position whether you want the passenger to face forward or their parent. In addition, the seat is convertible to become a baby carrier or bassinet.

This is because not only it is capable of being reclined to save several positions, it can be reclined fully until flat, making it easier to carry baby who already big enough to move around but still not ready for the children seat so they can be more comfortable with more room to move.

Evenflo Pivot Modular Travel System Handlebar
Moving above its canopy, here we can see the handlebar used to push and handle the stroller. It is connected to each other so parents can hold them wherever they feel comfortable with featured with a thin padding. What’s unfortunate is the handle can’t be adjusted to be lower or taller, making it hard for those with taller or shorter height to comfortably push the stroller. On one of the sides, there is a cup holder in case parents want to carry their water bottle on the go.

Evenflo Pivot Modular Travel System Tire and Fold
The last important feature from Evenflo Pivot Modular travel system is their tire and folding mechanism. Unfortunately, the frame is folded while the seat is not mounted on the frame and the tire used for this model is regular EVA tires so rougher surface such as those with bumps and holes may not a very comfortable option to travel.

About UPPAbaby Cruz
Since there are so many good options out there, it is good to see what the other manufacturers are offering so then we can compare and see which the better option whether they are richer in features or affordable in price point. If you want to remove the hassle of looking a stroller that match an infant car seat, a travel system like UPPAbaby Cruz  will fit the family just as good as the Pivot Modular because they are very similar to each other.

UPPAbaby Cruz Design
This travel system set is coming with the brand Mesa Infant car seats in the box which is convenience to help taking baby or infant in a stroll outside. The one we used as sample today is their older version released in 2015 because they already have a newer version of this model as well and while the whole unit seems to be identical, one of the most prominent differences is new Cruz strollers have leather handlebar cover instead of foam.

UPPAbaby Cruz Canopy
The first thing we love from a stroller is their canopy especially this model because while it looks like regular canopy, it is actually featured with additional visor that is folded inside the canopy so it may not be visible from the outside. This visor is very useful to protect passenger from annoying sun rays while strolling since it can cover more than standard canopy. In addition, there is a small window at the top to check on your children while outside..

UPPAbaby Cruz Children Seat
Below this canopy, there is a children’s seat and it is adjustable to be straight or slightly reclined when the passenger wants to take a nap inside. It is suitable with bassinet from UPPAbaby as well when the baby is growing bigger but not yet able to sit straight so they can move better while strolling but, this bassinet is not included in this package so we need to purchase separately. It does come with an infant car seat to take small baby or newborn safely.

UPPAbaby Cruz Handlebar
The next feature we love from UPPAbaby Cruz is the handlebar because it is among the most comfortable in the market with enough padding, making it very nice to handle and move around with. It is also supporting an adjustable height so parents with taller or shorter build will be able to make the stroller friendlier for them which is not available in many strollers out there.

UPPAbaby Cruz Tire and Folding
As for the tires, this model has a standard 4-wheel style with two smaller set at the front and bigger tires at the back. They are using EVA tire so it can roll just fine on smooth or flat surface without making any discomfort shake but, it can’t be used for jogging purpose and roll on a harsh surfaces. It can be folded with the seat intact and locked so the unit won’t disengage accidentally.

Now, let’s compare Evenflo Pivot Modular travel system with UPPAbaby Cruz. As you may already know, the prominent difference between both of them is on the child seat because Evenflo allow the user to convert their children seat into a bassinet and even though UPPAbaby’s seat can be removed as well, it needs additional bassinet. But, it can be folded with the seat on and have adjustable handlebar which are not present in Evenflo.

Evenflo Pivot Modular Travel System vs UPPAbaby Cruz

Evenflo Pivot Modular Travel SystemUPPAbaby Cruz
Key features- FLEXIBLE INFANT TRAVEL SYSTEM: The Evenflo Pivot Modular Travel System is a car seat and stroller combo featuring the Sarema Infant Car Seat and Safe Zone Base, infused with parent- and child-friendly accessories. - VERSATILE & LIGHTWEIGHT: The Evenflo 3-piece stroller set features a modular frame with 6 modes. The reversible mode permits your baby to face in or out, while the seat converts to carriage, frame stroller, or travel system mode with ease. - EASY INFANT CAR SEAT TRANSFER: This car seat and stroller combo has been designed with a stay-in-car base that allows for a quick and safe infant car seat connection from stroller to car and vice-versa. - MULTIPLE HANDY FEATURES: The Evenflo Pivot Modular Travel System also includes an oversized storage basket, a safe-zone base, and a blanket boot. A large canopy and removable arm bar make baby transfer easier and improve comfort.- The Ultimate travel system bundle. Includes Cruz Stroller and Mesa Infant Car Seat. - Mesa Car seat Adapters included. - Compact stroller frame. - One-handed multi-position recline

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All in all, the decision is all yours to make because not all of us will have the same opinion and taste so it is better to follow your preference or needs. However, between the two, if we are to choose, we will go with Evenflo Pivot Modular travel system because not only it is more affordable, we are getting more capabilities as well from the set.

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