Enfamil ProSobee Vs Similac Soy

By | April 8, 2016

It is extremely troublesome if our children develop milk allergy. We may be very surprised when our child starts vomiting or becomes very fussy, and especially first-time parents may not immediately notice whether the milk they give to their child is the cause of the problems or not. Nevertheless, if your child is allergic to cow milk, you must immediately switch to other types of infant formulas. You should try using a soy milk formula as a substitution for a cow milk formula. Soy milk formulas are usually more acceptable to an infant’s digestive system because soy milk formulas are less complex and lactose-free. Some of the most popular choices of soy milk formulas are Enfamil ProSobee and Similac Soy. You may have been advised by your relatives or friends to use either Enfamil ProSobee or Similac Soy. Which one should you choose?

Enfamil ProSobee Vs Similac Soy

Enfamil ProSobee is soy-based, an infant formula specially designed to treat fussiness and gas caused by cow milk-based formulas. Thus, it is entirely dairy-free and lactose-free. It provides protein for the baby’s needs by using soy. Enfamil ProSobee is designed to be able to provide complete nutrition for the baby’s first 12 months. Because of that, Enfamil ProSobee can be an excellent alternative for families with dietary concerns, like vegetarian or Kosher diets as well as lactose sensitivity. Some protein allergy cases can be addressed by Enfamil ProSobee as well. Enfamil ProSobee is also rich of other nutrients, including DHA, Choline, Calcium, and Iron. One notable thing about Enfamil ProSobee is that it is very effective in reducing gas in an infant.

Similac Soy is also a soy-based infant formula, offering the gentleness of soy to soothe the sensitive tummy. It is very similar to Enfamil ProSobee, actually. It features the OptiGRO mix of ingredients, which is an exclusive blend of nutrients that are essential to a baby’s development progress, including DHA, Lutein, and Vitamin E. Similac Soy is also very effective for addressing cow milk allergy, and is also an excellent source of nutrition. However, there are some users reported that Similac Soy somehow causes constipation on the baby. The issue can be easily solved by mixing a teaspoon of dark karo into the bottle, though. Similac Soy is a tiny little bit more expensive than Enfamil ProSobee.

Enfamil ProSobee Vs Similac Soy

Enfamil ProSobeeSimilac Soy
Key features- Enfamil ProSobee is a soy-based infant formula designed to reduce fussiness and gas sometimes caused by milk-based formulas. - Its plant-sourced soy protein is designed as complete nutrition for the first 12 months and is naturally easy on the tummy. - Milk-free, dairy-free and lactose-free- Complete Nutrition for Sensitive Tummies - Specially designed with the gentleness of soy to soothe the tummy - Easy to digest - Features OptiGRO, an exclusive blend of important ingredients found in breast milk: DHA, Lutein, and Vitamin E - Generations of moms have put their trust in Similac

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Both Enfamil ProSobee and Similac Soy are great soy milk formulas. However, you may prefer Enfamil ProSobee more because it does not have many issues. But, if it is not available, Similac Soy is an excellent alternative.

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