Enfamil Gentlease Vs Enfamil Infant

By | April 29, 2016

Some people are wondering about what are precisely the differences between various variants of an infant formula brand. Every brand available over the market has different product variants that usually are made for specific purposes. One of these brands is Enfamil. As a brand of infant formula, Enfamil is available in several variants, some of them are Enfamil Gentlease and Enfamil Infant. To make it even more confusing, both Enfamil Gentlease and Enfamil Infant are being sold at seemingly similar prices. Well, if you want to know whether you should choose Enfamil Gentlease or Enfamil Infant, you have come to the right place!

Enfamil Gentlease Vs Enfamil Infant

The main difference between Enfamil Infant and Enfamil Gentlease is that Enfamil Infant is an infant formula for regular feeding purpose, while Enfamil Gentlease is specially designed for children who develop fussiness, colic, gas, or crying issues. Enfamil Infant contains normal protein molecules. On the other hand, Enfamil Gentlease is made to be gentler so that sensitive tummies can take it easily. Enfamil Gentlease contains partially broken down protein molecules. Thus, its protein molecules are simpler, easier to be digested and absorbed by a young digestive system. One major cause of fussiness, colic, gas, or crying is because the affected child’s tummy is unable to consume normal protein molecules that are too big and too complex.

Besides having different types of protein molecules, other ingredients of Enfamil Gentlease are quite similar to Enfamil Infant. Both are enhanced by vitamin A, vitamin D, choline, DHA, and iron. Both products also feature various beneficial prebiotics. Well, nevertheless, you should be aware that Enfamil Gentlease is slightly more expensive than Enfamil Infant. Though the two products are, more often than not, being sold at identical prices, for the same cost, a package of Enfamil Gentlease contains slightly fewer than a package of Enfamil Infant. This is usually the case between the two products.

Enfamil Gentlease Vs Enfamil Infant

Enfamil GentleaseEnfamil Infant
Key features- Enfamil Gentlease is an infant formula designed to ease fussiness, gas and crying in just 24 hours*. *Compared to the same infants who had been fed routine infant formula at the beginning of the study. - It has easy-to-digest partially broken-down proteins. A gentle start for sensitive tummies. - It has nutrients like choline and DHA, brain-nourishing nutrition important for your baby during the first 12 months. - Enfamil Gentlease has the same DHA as Enfamil routine, shown to foster a child's learning ability up to age 5.- Enfamil Infant infant formula is tailored to meet the nutritional needs of babies aged 0 through 12 months. - It is a Neuro CompleteTM formula that has important nutrients, such as brain-nourishing choline, iron and DHA. - Enfamil Infant also has a dual prebiotics blend designed to help support a baby's own natural defenses. - Enfamil Infant is our closest-ever formula to mature breast milk. - Enfamil is the #1 infant formula brand recommended by pediatricians.

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If your child is normal and healthy, there is no need to use Enfamil Gentlease, so Enfamil Infant is the best way to go. However, if your child develops an adverse reaction to regular infant formula, you should try switching to Enfamil Gentlease, which is gentler to a child’s tummy due to its ingredients.

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