Enfamil EnfaCare Vs Similac NeoSure

By | April 26, 2016

Taking care of a premature or low-weight baby requires more tremendous effort, circumspection, and patience. Not like a regular healthy baby, we will need to provide more nutrients for our baby so that they can catch up in growth. Also, they tend to have weaker and more vulnerable body, so we should be very careful with what we give. Enfamil EnfaCare and Similac NeoSure are two infant formulas that are specially engineered to provide the much needed nutrient boost for our baby. These two products are quite popular, so it is no surprise if you get confused choosing between the two. Here are the differences between the two products.

Enfamil EnfaCare Vs Similac NeoSure

Similac NeoSure contains more soy, Enfamil EnfaCare has 40% more protein
Take not that Enfamil EnfaCare has 40% more protein than the regular Enfamil Infant Formula. Protein is the essential nutrient that is required to build new cells and maintain the growth of old ones. So, in order to help our baby catch up in growth, we should provide more protein together with other vital vitamins and minerals. Enfamil EnfaCare can be a good choice here, though Similac NeoSure also states that it comes with an intensified amount of protein. Both products are considered milk-based, but Similac NeoSure contains more soy than Enfamil EnfaCare. This may affect to the taste and sensitivity. As every baby is different, you should see which one that suits your child best. While Enfamil EnfaCare is generally good for most babies, Similac NeoSure is slightly less sensitive to the tummy.

Other ingredients, and, price
They boast different key ingredients, but let us assume that they both have the complete list of nutrients, and only the amount that differs. Enfamil EnfaCare claims to be rich of nutrients and antioxidants, and contains DHA and ARA. On the other hand, Similac NeoSure features the OptiGRO blend that includes DHA, ARA, as well as various nucleotides that are beneficial to improve the immune system. About 25% of the contained fats are medium-chain triglycerides, which can be digested and absorbed easily. Enfamil EnfaCare is only slightly more expensive than Similac NeoSure.

Enfamil EnfaCare Vs Similac NeoSure

Enfamil EnfaCareSimilac NeoSure
Key features- Enfamil EnfaCare is an infant formula scientifically designed for infants who were born prematurely or with low birth weight to be used during their first year of life after leaving the hospital - It is a milk-based, 22-Cal/fl oz formula with extra amounts of nutrients - Enfamil EnfaCare has 40% more protein than Enfamil Infant formula - It has expert-recommended levels of DHA and ARA to support brain and eye development - Enfamil EnfaCare is clinically proven to help promote catch-up growth- Pack of six 13.1 Ounce (78.6 total ounces) - Provides more protein, vitamins and minerals than formulas designed for full-term babies - Helps support the rapid growth of a premature baby - Includes special nutrients found in breast milk, DHA and ARA; proven to support mental and visual development in baby's first year - Provides the balance of protein, minerals, and other nutrients that helps give your baby a strong start in life

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These two products are actually very identical to each other. However, you may want to try with Similac NeoSure first, as it is gentler than Enfamil EnfaCare. If it is not taken well by your child, then you should switch into Enfamil EnfaCare.

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