Diono Olympia Vs R100

The Diono Olympia and R100 are some of the most popular seats of choice for car owners, especially those who have young children. Most of the customers prefer one instead of the other after taking into consideration important factors such as; safety, comfort, durability, capacity, availability, ease of installation and costs of purchasing and repair/maintenance.

Diono Olympia Vs R100

Comparison between Diono Olympia Vs R100
Diono Olympia seats are made using plastic, nylon or steel materials, whereas R100 seats are exclusively made using polyester material. The former weigh 30.1 pounds, while the latter weigh 28.5 pounds.

The Diono Olympia seats have rear-facing capacity of between 5 to 45 pounds, forward facing capacity of between 5 to 75 pounds, and capacity of between 50 to 110 pounds while in booster mode. They can accommodate passengers who are up to 5 feet and 7 inches tall. On the other hand, the R100 seats have rear-facing capacity ranging between 7 to 40 pounds, forward facing capacity of between 20 to 65 pounds, and booster capacity of between 40 to 90 pounds. They can accommodate passengers with height of up to 6 feet.

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The R100 seats are reinforced with aluminum, and are also fitted with special harness systems to absorb shock and enhance safety. To enhance safety, the Diono Olympia seats are reinforced with energy absorbing form, and are also designed with deep side walls.

The Radian R100 seats are fitted with comfortable, removable covers, and EPS form to provide protection against impact from the sides, while the Diono Olympia seats lack these features.

The Diono Olympia seats are designed with steel frames to enhance protection for the passengers, and foam seats to enhance comfort. They are also very spacious. On the other hand, the R100 seats lack these features.

Diono Olympia Vs R100

Diono OlympiaDiono Radian R100
Key features- 100% Polyester - Imported - Steel frame gives unmatched protection and durability for a 12-year product life - Reinforced deep side walls with energy-absorbing foam for maximum head and body side impact protection - Accommodates children rear facing 5-45 pounds and forward facing 20-75 pounds and in booster mode 50-110 pounds and up to 57" tall - Space saving design allows extra room for passengers while providing spacious interior for child - Memory foam in seating area for extra comfort- The Diono Radian family of car seats are the only convertible+booster seats with a full steel frame making them one of the safest car seats available today - Rear facing 5-to 40 pounds. Forward facing 20-65 pounds (up to 57") in 5 point harness. Booster to 100 pounds. - Aluminum reinforced sides and energy-absorbing harness system for added safety - EPS foam for side impact protection - Folds flat for travel and fits 3 across in a mid-size vehicle - Comfortable, washable cover

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Many car owners prefer fitting their vehicles with the Diono Olympia seats because when compared to the R100 seats, it has been established that they (Diono Olympia seats) are more durable, provide more safety, are less costly, are more comfortable, are of better quality, and have higher capacity of carrying passengers’ weights.

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