BumGenius Elemental Vs Freetime

By | August 2, 2016

Some families prefer to use a truly one-piece, one-size-fits-all diaper instead of a pocket diaper because of some reasons. For sure, one of the primary reasons is the practicality issue. While a pocket diaper may consist of multiple pieces, a one-piece diaper doesn’t require as much overhauling. Hence, the usage and also the cleaning process is a lot easier. BumGenius has released two All-in-One diapers to fulfill the families’ needs, BumGenius Elemental and BumGenius Freetime. Some parents are confused about these two diapers. They are being priced a little bit differently. They are certainly not the same products. What are the differences between BumGenius Elemental and BumGenius Freetime? Which is the one best for your child? (Read also: BumGenius 4.0 Vs Freetime)

BumGenius Elemental Vs Freetime

On the outside, there are not so many of distinctions that can help you set the two diapers apart. They both feature similar shells; each has a snap closure and a hook-and-loop closure. They are, more or less, of the same size. However, they may fit slightly differently on your child due to the nature of the internal layers (we will delve into this in the next section), and they have different leg elastics. BumGenius Elemental features gentle elastics that are encased in rolled-out casings to keep the yuck in and red marks away. On the other hand, BumGenius Freetime comes with accessible, replaceable elastics that are folded to the inside.

Internal Layers
The major difference between BumGenius Elemental and BumGeniusFreetime is the internal layers. BumGenius Freetime uses two microfiber inserts that are sewn into the top and bottom of the diaper. These two inserts also have a layer of microsuede stay-dry fabric on their top and another on their bottom sewn directly to the PUL fabric. It is quite quick to dry.

On the other hand, BumGenius Elemental is an organic diaper. Of course, the outer layer is made of a PUL fabric to keep it leak-proof; its inside components are the organic part. The absorbent inserts, instead of using microfiber or microsuede, are completely made of organic cotton. The insides are entirely cotton. The two cotton inserts are sewn directly to the PUL cover. As the effect, it doesn’t wick moisture away as good as BumGenius Freetime, and is relatively slower to dry.

BumGenius Elemental Vs Freetime

BumGenius ElementalBumGenius Freetime
Key features- Attached quick-dry liner provides 6 layers of absorbent organic cotton - Proprietary elastic designed specifically for cloth diapers - Easily tuck additional inserts under liner for custom absorbency - Waterproof outer cover prevents leaks - Accessible, replaceable, gentle elastic - Durable plastic snaps - 3x3 snap down design adjusts the sizing to fit small, medium and large sizes (approximately 8-35+ pounds) - Trim, snug and comfortable stretchy tabs provide a custom fit- Patent pending leak-proof outer cover and stretch-to-fit sides for a custom shape and fit. - Easy-to-use snap closures. - One- step cloth diaper - no stuffing - Semi-attached, Stay-Dry inserts dry faster and allow for customized absorbency where your child needs it most. - Patent pending 3 x 3 adjustable snap system to fit most babies from birth to potty training . Fits most babies 7-35+ pounds.

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In general, BumGenius Freetime makes the best choice for most people. It absorbs moisture better and dries more easily. However, if you don’t like synthetic and prefer organic, then BumGenius Elemental is the way to go.

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