Baby Trend Snap N Go EX vs Graco SnugRide Elite Infant Car Seat carrier

There are lots of equipment we need to purchase when having a baby because they will be very useful to help our duty as a parent especially when taking care of our newborn and one of them is an infant car seat carrier or baby caddy. Among the huge options, Baby Trend Snap N Go EX vs Graco SnugRide Elite Infant Car Seat are two good models to go with a very similar set of features. But, before you go shopping, see how they can benefit you below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Which Equipment Fit you the most
– What are Baby Trend Snap N Go EX and Graco SnugRide Elite Infant Car Seat carrier
– What Baby Trend Snap N Go EX and Graco SnugRide Elite Infant Car Seat carrier Look Like
– What Seats Fit Baby Trend Snap N Go EX and Graco SnugRide Elite Infant Car Seat carrier
– What else Baby Trend Snap N Go EX and Graco SnugRide Elite Infant Car Seat carrier can offer
– Baby Trend Snap N Go EX vs Graco SnugRide Elite Infant Car Seat carrier

Baby Stroller and Infant Car Seat Carrier
We have been planning for so long to have a new addition to the family and we prepared many things to welcome them to this world. Having a baby is a very delightful moment for parents but we also can’t take the effort lightly because it means we have to be ready for many things especially additional work around the house and when going outside. Taking small children out of the house is very well-known challenge for parents because it means we have to pay more attention and spend a lot more energy.

Children who can already walk and run themselves usually thrilled when taken along to shop and to spend some time outside enjoying the surroundings so they can get used to new friends and know their environment where they grow up. However, for newborn or baby, we have to always hold them on our arms or in their baby carrier which can be very tiring especially when the parents need to do something else as well while outside like shopping and doing some errands.

If you are also preparing to welcome a newborn and need something to reduce the weight or pressure from the shoulder, getting a full stroller, travel system, or an infant car seat stroller can be a very nice idea. These types of equipment has been used since long time ago and we see parents still using them today because of their versatility and benefit, especially for those who often take their baby or toddler outside for a walk or to do other activities.

Their main function is to help parents carrying their small children inside and mostly already have seat especially full stroller and travel system but for infant car seat stroller, this type of stroller is only capable of carrying baby or newborn as long as they are still using their infant car seat. They don’t have built in seat on the frame and only have the main body with some necessary features so we have to provide the car seat separately.

Its main benefit is lightweight and easy to transfer or transport from one place to another and cheaper because in general they will be smaller and compact but also have downside which is the amount of time we will use the unit since parents can only use it for infant so when their baby grow bigger and doesn’t fit in the seat anymore, we can no longer use the stroller.

About Baby Trend Snap N Go EX
If you also want to reduce some of the weight from the shoulder when carrying the baby for a stroll and transport them from place to another easily, now is a good time to get an infant car seat carrier. There are so many good units in the market from many different brands so we have to choose carefully and make sure the stroller fit our family the most. Talking about stroller, one of the brands come to our mind is Baby Trend because they always have one for almost every budget.

While most infant car seat strollers are fairly cheaper than a full strollers model since they are only useful for a short period of time, we also take the budget rather seriously especially if parents want to get another stroller again in the near future to carry toddlers. Baby Trend have infant car seat stroller line called Snap N Go which contains single strollers, double strollers, and those we can used to carry both the older sibling and baby brother/sister on board depend on your need.

The one we are talking here is Baby Trend Snap N Go EX infant car seat carrier and it is probably among the most affordable for stroller in the same type. This stroller can only take one seat at a time and not built to carry additional passengers but, what we love the most from this model is it suit various infant car seats even those from other brands like Graco, UPPA baby, Britaz, Evenflo, and many more.

Baby Trend Snap N Go EX Design
Looking at this infant car seat carrier from the outside, it looks like any carrier out there with a very lightweight frame and almost no features on board. It has a frame of regular stroller but has no seat and only have the main basket we often used to store belongings like diaper bag and shopping bag up to 45 pounds combined with the passenger and infant car seat weight. The frame itself only weighs around 19 pounds and should be easy to carry with one hand.

Baby Trend Snap N Go EX Suitable Seats
As you may already know, Baby Trend Snap N Go EX is a universal infant car seat carrier and many of us love it because of how it can accommodate many car seats from different manufacturers while also accepting most of its own models. This ability is great so then we have many to choose and purchase without limiting the option to only those from the same brand. Besides its own car seat, this stroller fit Baby Jogger City Go, Britax B-Agile 3 and B-Safe 35 XE, Chicco KeyFit 22/30, Graco SnugRide 30/53, and many more.

Baby Trend Snap N Go EX Features
On the additional feature part, this stroller is pretty much similar with a full stroller but lesser because we have no children seat. It has a fixed handlebar accompanied with parent’s tray to keep your cups or tumbler on the go, a wide main basket to keep bags and other small belongings, as well as a regular rear brake. It used regular forever 4 forever tires for flat and smooth surface while the folding function is activated from the handlebar.

When folding, we can activate it from a switch and a big button right in the middle then allow the frame to come together but it will not stand on its own. There is a lock on one side of the frame to keep the stroller from accidentally unfolded when not in use. Read also: Baby Trend Snap N Go EX vs Chicco KeyFit Caddy here.

About Graco SnugRide Elite Infant Car Seat
Because we have so many good options in the market, it is wise to see what the other brands are offering to so then we can see which of them can give the best features, more affordable, or fits the family the most. If you want to carry your baby car seat without having to spend much energy to hold them in your hand all the time, Graco with their SnugRide Elite Infant Car Seat carrier is a good option to go.

The one we are talking about in this article is their infant car seat carrier or stroller and the name is also used to name their infant car seat. Before moving further, this stroller is made ideally to carry Graco seats so parents who used different brand may want to pass this model.

Graco SnugRide Elite Infant Car Seat Design
This is a nice piece of stroller and looks quite elegant from a glance because its car seat panel is not as wide as some other carriers. The frame feels sturdy but also light enough to be carried and maneuver with one hand since it only weighs around 13.6 pounds without the car seat on board. Like any car seat carrier, there is only one fashion to choose and it is black-grey but, since we are not going to use them for long, this simple color option is enough.

Graco SnugRide Elite Infant Car Seat Suitable Seat
As it has been mentioned above, Graco SnugRide Elite Infant Car Seat carrier is only suitable with their own infant car seats so it is necessary to get the one that suit them since other seats are not going to be properly fitted in this frame. This stroller is a very good option in case parents already have Graco infant car seats or prefer their models like SnugRide car seats which available in various versions with different weight limit from 30 to 35 pounds.

Graco SnugRide Elite Infant Car Seat Features
On the additional features, this stroller stays the same like the general infant seat carriers and here we have a quite roomy main basket to carry various items and relief some weight from our hand with a maximum capacity of 10 pounds. It has an adjustable rotating handlebar which we always look forward in a stroller since not all parents have the same range of height. For those who want to travel with their beverage, we also have parent tray here to keep our bottle.

It has 4 EVA tires which should be able to roll in any flat surface but, what’s impressive is they put suspension on all of the wheels so parents can stroll with ease since any bumps can be reduced to keep the passengers comfortable while riding.

Now, let’s compare Baby Trend Snap N Go EX with Graco SnugRide Elite Infant Car Seat carrier. Both of them are very similar to each other and mainly have the same capabilities but what’s most important is the car seat compatibility since Snap N Go EX is a universal carrier to fit many other infant car seats when you have different taste and used another brand unlike SnugRide carrier that can only carry its own car seat.
However, the SnugRide carrier is offering more on the additional features which are the adjustable handlebar and suspension on all of its wheel, making it more comfortable to push around for taller parents and to ride for the passenger.

Baby Trend Snap N Go EX vs Graco SnugRide Elite Infant Car Seat carrier

Baby Trend Snap N Go EXGraco SnugRide Elite Infant Car Seat carrier
Key features- Weight: 12 lbs \ Maximum Weight Capacity: 45 lbs \ Rear wheels with brakes - Measures 16.65"L x 8.20"W x 34.45H" \ Weight: 12 lbs \ Maximum Weight Capacity: 45 lbs - Fits the most popular infant car seats from Baby Trend, Graco, Chicco, Peg Perego and Evenflo- This Graco stroller turns your car seat into an ultra-portable travel solution and is the only car seat carrier engineered exclusively for Graco seats ; Height-adjustable handle for comfortable strolling - Ultra-lightweight aluminum car seat stroller frame is the perfect infant car seat accessory, providing convenience on-the-go ; Meets Disney Size Requirements - Car seat travel cart works with all Graco infant car seats (including both Classic Connect and Click Connect seats).Care and Maintenance - Never use bleach. To clean stroller frame, use only household soap and warm water

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All in all, the decision is all yours to make because not all of us have the same preferences so it is always best to get the one that fits you the most or have all the features you need. Comparing both of them, if you are using Graco car seat, the SnugRide is a good option to choose with more features but, if you used the car seat from another brands, we actually like Snap N GO EX better.

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