Baby Trend Snap N Go EX vs Chicco KeyFit Caddy

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Transporting a baby can be a challenge for parents because it can be hard to move while carrying an infant in our arms especially while doing other tasks or carrying other belongings. To ease parents shoulder while traveling with their infant, we can use baby caddy like Baby Trend Snap N Go EX vs Chicco KeyFit Caddy that will hold an infant car seat on their frame. They are very similar but also a little bit different so go check our article below before shopping.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Which equipment fit you better
– What are Baby Trend Snap N Go EX and Chicco KeyFit Caddy
– What Baby Trend Snap N Go EX and Chicco KeyFit Caddy Look Like
– What Seats can be Fitted in Baby Trend Snap N Go EX and Chicco KeyFit Caddy
– How are the Handlebar in Baby Trend Snap N Go EX and Chicco KeyFit Caddy
– How to Fold Baby Trend Snap N Go EX and Chicco KeyFit Caddy
– Baby Trend Snap N Go EX vs Chicco KeyFit Caddy

Stroller or Baby Caddy
Preparing to be a parent can be tough especially for mothers whose body is currently under stress to carry the little one combined with daily task that we still need to handle. Just like when expecting something pleasant, we are planning a lot of things to welcome the baby home and even before we know their gender, parent often already piling equipment and baby products so we don’t have to do the shopping again later. Among those equipment, stroller and car seat are two of the most important.

This is the case for parent who will transport their baby with car because infant car seat is required to keep baby safe and comfortable while riding with their parents. Stroller on the other hand is necessary when we want to bring the baby outside for a stroll or to do other activities because we don’t need to hold them in our arms anymore that can take up much energy and limit our movement. Many of us choose to get a travel system instead like Evenflo Pivot Modular Travel System vs UPPAbaby Vista due to their convenience.

A travel system set comes with both the stroller and the infant car seat so parents can use the product since infancy stage and continue using them until the baby outgrow their seat. It is also quick since we don’t need to find a car seat that match a stroller in case parents want to get a separate models from different brands. One of the downsides is that they can be very expensive which made some parents reluctant to get one.

If you are also thinking that a travel system doesn’t really worth the high price or want to get the stroller later when the baby is ready to use one, you may want to try a baby caddy. A baby caddy is only useful as long as the baby is seated in their infant car seat because it is more like an infant car seat carrier rather than a complete stroller. They are cheaper and can only be used for baby.

Another good benefit of using baby caddy is they will be much more compact and light since overall they are only frame without any seat so holding them with one arm is unquestionably easy compared to a stroller that in general larger and heavier. For parents who prefer something more compact and don’t mind to purchase a stroller again in a while later, a baby caddy is a very ideal option.

About Baby Trend Snap N Go EX
If you also found baby caddy suit your family the most, now is the time to see what the market has to offer because just like strollers and travel systems, there are so many of them out there; mostly have the same features and capabilities. When talking about juvenile products, one of the best brands that comes to our mind is Baby Trend because they are offering good products with reasonably affordable price. We also love their quality and necessary features build on their products including baby caddy.

While baby caddy not as popular as strollers, Baby Trend have several in the catalogue which is called as Snap N Go model. This line is used to offer baby caddy so there are car seat carrier that can only take a single seat, two seat, and offer ride along panel to allow the bigger sibling to stand and go with their little brother/sister. The one we will talk about in this article is the single infant car seat carrier EX model that claimed to take all Baby Trend infant car seats and the majority infant car seats from other brands.

Baby Trend Snap N Go EX Design
When first checking Baby Trend Snap N Go EX caddy, it looks like any baby caddy you see on the market with fairly light frame, handle, and the main frame to accept a seat. It only weighs at 19 pounds without the infant car seat and what we love the most is one hand already enough to carry the frame while the other used to hold the car seat. The weight limit is 45 pounds for passenger and belongings with a large storage basket below.

Baby Trend Snap N Go EX Infant Car Seat
Unlike a stroller, there is very little feature in baby caddy or carrier because most of the functions are from their infant car seat including the passenger seat and the canopy as well as harness to secure them inside. Baby Trend Snap N Go EX have no additional canopy for covering the baby while traveling in a hot summer so we can only rely on the car seat’s canopy. Like most stroller frame, we can only mount the seat to face parent in this carrier.

Baby Trend Snap N Go EX Handlebar
The second important part is the frame and as it has been mentioned above, it is quite light even when carried with one hand and sturdy enough so we can stroll with ease. This frame has no special feature with no baby tray since it is used for infant but has parent tray near its handlebar for keeping a beverage when going outside. What’s unfortunate from this part is there is no way to adjust its handlebar’s height which can be an issue for taller parents.

Folding Baby Trend Snap N Go EX
The best thing about Baby Trend Snap N Go EX is their folding system because it is very convenient and quick. There is a switch and a button on its handlebar which is activating its folding and we have to assist it with slightly pushing the frame forward to make them fold. There is a lock on the frame so it won’t accidentally unfolded. To unfold the frame, we only need to remove the lock and shake the frame to show its full size.

About Chicco KeyFit Caddy
Because there are so many good options out there, you may want to see what the other manufacturers are offering especially on baby caddy models so then we can compare and see which of them will be the better option, have better features or available in a more affordable price. If you like Snap N Go EX but want a little bit more, the Chicco KeyFit caddy can be a good alternative to go with mostly the same capabilities but, it is ideally made only for Chicco car seats.

This is an important part to consider because a stroller should match the car seat so then can fit properly and as for this model, it is built for both KeyFit and Fit2 seat from Chicco so other car eats may not going to fit into the frame as good as these two models.

Chicco KeyFit Caddy Design
Compared to many other caddy, one of the things we love from this baby caddy is their frame since it only weighed at 11 pounds without any seat which is great if you prefer lighter frame and it is made from aluminum for sturdy built. We can install either KeyFit or Fit2 car seat on the frame and it should be facing the parent. Depend on the maximum weight from the car seat, Chicco recommend to use the stroller up to 30 pounds combined from passenger and the belongings on its main basket.

Chicco KeyFit Caddy Infant Car Seat
Similar like Snap N Go EX, this baby caddy also sold without the infant car seat so we have to already purchase the seat to use them and we recommend to use KeyFit or Fit2 for the caddy since they are the most suitable for the set. We don’t recommend it, but some users have Graco seat and try fitting the seat into this frame but they won’t fit perfectly yet, still acceptably secured. The main features like canopy, seat, and harness are all present from infant car seat.

Chicco KeyFit Caddy Handlebar
Moving further, since it is used to carry infant, they won’t need the baby tray yet so there is no additional tray that we can install on the frame but, there is one for the parent near its handlebar above. A little bit different, this handlebar is not fixed but not telescoping as well because it is rotatable to adjust its height. Some parents prefer this type of adjustment but some may not but, it is still better in our opinion compared to a fixed handlebar.

Folding Chicco KeyFit Caddy
Another good point from Chicco KeyFit caddy is its folding system which is compact and it can stand on its own when folded. There is a lever near the handlebar and it will need our other hand to push the front part inside so the frame will come together. Once we will use it again, we can easily unfold them with one or two hands.

Now, let’s compare Baby Trend Snap N Go EX with Chicco KeyFit caddy. As you may already know, they are almost identical to each other but the frame of KeyFit caddy is lighter and easier to carry when traveling. This stroller also have adjustable handlebar in case you need to add or reduce the height for more comfortable strolling but, the weight limit is lower than Snap N Go EX.

Baby Trend Snap N Go EX vs Chicco KeyFit Caddy

Baby Trend Snap N Go EXChicco KeyFit Caddy
Key features- Weight: 12 lbs \ Maximum Weight Capacity: 45 lbs \ Rear wheels with brakes - Measures 16.65"L x 8.20"W x 34.45H" \ Weight: 12 lbs \ Maximum Weight Capacity: 45 lbs - Fits the most popular infant car seats from Baby Trend, Graco, Chicco, Peg Perego and Evenflo - Allows adult to place infant car seat on carriage frame without removing child- Designed exclusively for the Chicco Keyfit Infant car seat - Audible click ensures keyfit is attached securely - Premium featuring ultra light anodized aluminum frame with easy one hand fold - Fits Key fit 22; fits keyfit 30

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All in all, the decision is all yours to make because we may have different preferences and budget to spend as well as needs so it is better to get the one that fits your family the most but, between the two we will go with Chicco KeyFit caddy because we also love their KeyFit infant car seat and lighter frame to ease our shoulder when transporting the caddy as well as its adjustable handlebar.

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