Baby Trend Navigator vs Expedition

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Stroller is very useful especially for parents with twins because it eases your job when taking the children outside with less fuss and much more comfortable than holding them together. If you will introduce an active lifestyle to them as well, Baby Trend Navigator Vs Expedition will be two ideal options to consider. Both of them are double strollers that are easy to use and versatile for various occasions. If you are eyeing these models as well, see below to know which model will fit your family the most.

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  • Baby Trend Navigator Vs Expedition

Stroller for Family

For a first time parents, the items we need for our newborn are piling up, the list goes one from their clothes, toys, bottles, blanket, strollers, and various other tools to ease the job of taking care of them. These are mostly essentials but we are sure parents can consider various other tools or products to match with their preference and lifestyle as not all of us will have the same habit. Among those, strollers are probably what we almost always recommend to have even before the baby is born.

Some families can have more than one stroller depending on what they see fit. In some cases the parents height is very different hence one stroller will not be able to be used by both comfortably hence the two options. On the other hand some families have two children of similar age and sometimes the older sibling wants to sit on a stroller as well hence the double seat option. In addition, some traveling parents often want one they can use everyday and the other for use in their journey so we have both a full-size and lightweight model.

Stroller Advantages

No matter what habit or lifestyle you have, having a stroller is undeniably useful and if you are not sure yet about how they can be helpful, here are some prominent reasons as to why it is a good decision to have a stroller.

Baby Trend NavigatorBaby Expedition
Product Dimensions46 x 32.5 x 43 inches
49 x 21.5 x 43 inches
Shipping Weight43 pounds
25 pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

Stroller and Safety 

Being a parent doesn’t mean you have to stop going outside and enjoy the nature or events in your neighborhood or visiting those festivals near your area. But, it is true that we have to pay attention to our children in such place as they can easily get lost among the crowd and here a stroller will cut your worries because we can keep them monitored all the time, knowing them in front of us, secured with the harness while you can show them about the surrounding.

Stroller and Convenient

This is the best part of a stroller because while parents can always hold their babies on their arm when transporting or taking them outside, it is difficult to pay attention to anything else such as while shopping or socializing, moreover if you have twins or two small children. With a stroller we are in full control over their whereabouts without burdening our shoulders. The compartment is also useful to put some of your bags and free your body from additional weight.

Stroller and Outdoor Activity

Being safe and convenient are not only what strollers are amazing for because with a reliable option, you can also explore and do various activities outdoors while also taking care of the little one. We are sure many parents have heard of jogging strollers such as Joovy Zoom 360 Vs Bob Rambler and these are very useful if the parents are living an active lifestyle such as jogging, running, or fast walking. Especially for mothers who want to gain their body shape back, it is a great item to have.

About Baby Trend Navigator and Expedition

If you are here then it means you are currently looking for a double jogging stroller and this is also one of our favorite types of stroller as it is very convenient and useful. What we love the most from jogging strollers is that they are also useful as regular, daily strollers for any casual activities as long as you don’t mind about their bigger wheel and heavier frame. What makes some parents reluctant to have a jogging stroller is the price itself as they can get pretty expensive.

Jogging strollers are offered by almost any stroller brands out there and in most cases one company has more than one model to offer. For those who want to have joggers or jogging strollers but want to keep the budget low as well, Baby Trend is an ideal brand to shop from. We like many of their daily and lightweight strollers due to the features, design, and price point but it seems that their joggers are also the favorite of many parents.

If you are preparing to spend less than $300, two amazing models to go for are Baby Trend Navigator and Expedition. These double strollers are very ideal for parents who will continue their active lifestyle after the children are ready to join the activity. Note that newborn and infants are not allowed to be carried while jogging or running because their body is still too fragile and not able to sit properly on their own. These strollers are very similar however, which is why it can be confusing to choose one.

While they are equally affordable, Baby Trend Navigator and Expedition are not exactly at the same price range and the Navigator will be more expensive than the other jogger so there is a high chance that it also performs better or differently. The most prominent difference is the seats as they are not made for younger babies; but Navigator is compatible with Flex-Loc 30 or Ez Flex-Loc 30/32 and Secure infant car seat.

Baby Trend Navigator and Expedition Design

As you can see on the sample picture above, these strollers are clearly made by the same company as they have the same type of fashion but not identical as well for you to distinguish one from the other even at first glance. The more affordable Navigator which costs $200 doesn’t come with any fancy features including a baby tray which you can easily find on the other seat. However, the most prominent difference between the two is probably their wheel itself.

Most joggers are not featured with plush seats and they have more laid back seats compared to regular or daily strollers which is what you can find in Baby Trend Navigator and Expedition as well. Their seats are lightly padded and as you can notice, their harnesses are also not as thick and covered as most full-size models out there. They are however, fairly the same side by side with the former is also slightly taller in comparison.

Baby Trend Navigator and Expedition Canopy

The first part of stroller you may want to know is probably the canopy and we love the shades in Baby Trend Navigator and Expedition because they are quite wide even for strolling in summer as they are capable of covering most of the limb of its passenger. But, they are not the best as well and if the sun rays coming from the front side, they will easily enter the seats for they are not long enough to be lower to provide the adequate shade.

What’s different is the one in Expedition is connected to each other so only one canopy for two seats means you can’t adjust them one by one in case the passengers have different preferences. Similarly, there is a covered mesh window at the top for when parents want to take a peek on their children.

Baby Trend Navigator and Expedition Seats

Moving to the seats, Baby Trend Navigator and Expedition have comfortable seats despite the lack of plush padding and the material is soft as well for comfort. You can recline the seat up to a certain position that can be adjusted with one hand but putting them back up again will require two hands. The difference is that due to the additional children tray in Navigator, you can secure infant car seats in this stroller in which the latter have no securing function for this carrying mode. 

Baby Trend Navigator and Expedition Wheels

Moving to the wheels which are also different between two strollers. As you can see on the sample picture above, Navigator is using 4-wheels in total while the Expedition double stroller has 3. In general the more wheels the more stable the stroller but it also hurts their maneuverability and since these two are very wide in dimension, it can be more difficult to use them as daily strollers when you have to go past a doorway. However, the air-filled, rubber tires are very reliable for different terrains.

Baby Trend Navigator and Expedition Folding System

The last part we want to mention is their folding system and let us mention that Navigator is actually around 10 lbs. heavier than Expedition in its double stroller variant. We always struggle with double stroller folding systems as they are never compact and these two also only fold into half which doesn’t reduce the width of the unit. Both of them have this lever on the handlebar which when pulled will collapse the frame into half and then you can opt to remove the rear wheel if needed.

Baby Trend Navigator vs Expedition

These two are both affordable and reliable jogging strollers to help you be more active while also introducing your little ones to the activity and short journey. The crucial difference in our opinion is the fact that you can put the infant car seat on the Navigator frame so it can be useful since early days and it also has 4 wheels which while adding stability, also reduce the ease or maneuverability. What we are not fond of is it also heavier than Expedition, making the stroller not ideal for transporting.

Baby ExpeditionBaby Expedition
Key features- Effortless trigger folding easily collapses the Navigator double for storage and transport - Padded seats offer multi-position reclining seating allows your kids to be comfortable and happy - Accomodates 2 Baby Trend infant Car Seats - Locking front swivel wheels, and pneumatic bicycle tires- Designed for children from 6-50 pounds (each child) and no more than 42" tall - 16" rear and 12" front all-terrain, rubber pneumatic bicycle tires - Locking front swivel wheels with foot-activated rear brake system and quick and easy compact fold - Lightweight, sturdy construction. Quick release tires for storage and travel

Customer ratings*4.0. out of 5 stars4.7. out of 5 stars
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All in all, you can go with any of them because they are very reliable but, in between the two we like the Baby Trend Navigator better only for its ability to use infant car seats which makes it useful since day one and reduces the budget we have to spend for having two strollers.

NOTE : Product prices, availability, ratings and save money information are accurate as of the date/time indicated on post time (as seen right bellow the tittle) and are subject to change. Any price, ratings, availability and save money information displayed on Amazon Site at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

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