5 Best Jogging Stroller 2016

As every manufacturer continually produces new models and updates their old ones, it is a great idea to keep our list of best jogging strollers up-to-date every year. There are a number of important factors that played key roles in determining how great a jogging stroller is. For example, a lockable front swivel wheel is a very crucial thing to ensure the optimum stability when running. Performance, comfortability, versatility, and durability are vital. Now, here is our list of 5 best jogging strollers 2016.

1. Thule Urban Glide
Thule Urban Glide easily makes the way to the first place due to its extraordinary performance and a range of additional nifty features. Gliding forward with it is seamless and very smooth, and the front wheel can be either pivoting for easy maneuver during regular walks, or locked for the best stability when running or passing through slippery terrains. Changing the configuration can be easily done with a turn of a knob. The seat is neat, removable and washable, with five adjustable harness points for safety and comfort of your child. The rear suspension works great. The extra-large storage comes with a cover. It is remarkably lightweight and easy to be folded.

Best Jogging Stroller 2016

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2. BOB Revolution Flex
BOB Revolution Flex is still one of the smoothest jogging strollers on the market now. It is very loveable. Gliding and turning are without a hitch. Its large canopy is very nice to protect your baby from excessive sunlight on a bright day. It is put in second place in the list only because it is a bit heavier than Thule Urban Glide.

Best Jogging Stroller 2016 1

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3. Baby Jogger Summit X3
Baby Jogger Summit X3 may not run as fast as the previous two models, but its suspension system is awesome! All kinds of road bumps can be soaked properly here. And you can get a totally complete control of your jogging stroller from the handlebar. Going through an uneven surface? Easy, we have powerful rear brakes.

Best Jogging Stroller 2016 2

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4. BOB Ironman
It slides forward slightly better than Baby Jogger Summit X3, but BOB Ironman’s fixed front wheel may be an issue. Turning at tight corners can be effort-some. But, when it has to glide straight, it is a bolt. Any harsh terrains can be tamed by BOB Ironman thanks to the uniquely adjustable suspension system. The ultra-padded, adjustable reclining seat is armed with five harness points to ensure your child’s comfort and security.

Best Jogging Stroller 2016 3

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5. Baby Trend Expedition
You may be surprised to meet the product here, but Baby Trend Expedition deserves the place! With such low price, you can get an ultra-high performance out of it. Running straight, turning, and maneuvering are shockingly smooth. Baby Trend Expedition is perhaps of the best value-per-money score. And its storage space is pleasantly very wide. Its pneumatic tires suspend the shocks of bad roads well. However, remember, it is not as durable as the more expensive models, so don’t run too reckless just because it is super smooth!

Best Jogging Stroller 2016 4

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