5 Best Infant Car Seat 2016

Wow, we are now already in another new year! It means, we have to update our list of best infant car seats, too, so that we all can stay up to date whenever we need to replace or upgrade our existing baby equipment. Choosing the right car seat for your needs can be tricky, as there are a number of internal and external factors that hold the keys. Internal factors may include the product’s own safety and comfortability, while external factors can very from the size of your car to whether you want the car seat to be able to integrate with your stroller or not. Thus, we have collected the most feature-complete models in our 5 best infant car seats 2016 list!

1. Chicco Keyfit 30
Chicco Keyfit 30 effortlessly stays at the top. It is one of the infant car seats with the highest safety rating available on the market right now, and it is also the most practical product regarding installation. Comfortability is not a question in Chicco Keyfit 30. Its seat is armed with EPS impact-absorbing foam, with five harness points that are easily adjustable with a single hand. The underside of the base is made smooth so that it won’t do any damage to your car. Besides coming with an ergonomic handlebar, it is also compatible with at least six popular stroller models.

Best Infant Car Seat 2016

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2. Britax B-Safe 35
Somewhat bulkier, taller, and heavier than Chicco Keyfit 30, Britax B-Safe 35 also offers superior safety for your child. The shell-like product features SafeCell system that provides excellent impact absorption from any direction. Its steel frame ensures its durability and longevity. Thanks to its sophisticated design, it can shield your child from possible impact debris. The seat is quite smooth and comfortable. Installation is pretty much easy, and Britax B-Safe 35 is compatible to more strollers, but you need to get the Click & Go Adapter.

Best Infant Car Seat 2016 1

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3. Graco SnugRide Click Connect 30 LX
Perhaps Graco SnugRide Click Connect 30 LX does not appear as fancy as the previous two models, but it is of high-performance and it gets the job done properly. With such friendly price, you may consider it as the big bang for the bucks. It is very safe and has passed various tests to ensure the claim, very lightweight, and not exactly bulky. It comes with a range of reclining positions. And perhaps most importantly, it is compatible with all models of Graco Click Connect Stroller. It is the ultimate flexibility!

Best Infant Car Seat 2016 2

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4. Peg Perego Primo Viaggio
Now, this is a luxurious product that is great if you don’t mind about spending some more money. It is reversible; you can use it either rear facing or forward facing. Its interior is made of energy-absorbing EPS impact foam. Peg Perego Primo Viaggio can be easily adjusted into one of ten different positions. The seat itself is extremely soft and comfortable. Great if you plan to get something that is ready for long-term action.

Best Infant Car Seat 2016 3

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5. Evenflo Embrace LX
Evenflo Embrace LX can be described as a product in low price yet offering more than satisfying performance. Its canopy can completely shroud your baby from the environment to enhance the protection when he or she is sleeping. The controls to adjust its reclining position, as well as its three harness points, are easily accessible from the front. It comes with machine-washable pads, a removable head pillow, and is very lightweight.

Best Infant Car Seat 2016 4

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