5 Best Infant Car Seat 2014

An infant car seat is preferably the most paramount item you should check and double check the moment you have your first kid. Even for the subsequent babies, you surely ought not to miss a carrier. Before you rush to purchase an infant car seat, consider two key objectives; safety and convenience for your kid. So, which is the Best Infant Car Seat 2014? Relax, I have the answers for you.

Best Infant Car Seat 2014

1. Chicco KeyFit 30
This type of car seat accommodates the infants from 4 up to 30lbs. The seat harness contains a pull-tightening and loosening that favors swift and flexible fitting. Its shell is made with energy absorbing foam to prevent any shock from car crushing.

The seat base contains a wide belt loop and a locking system designed for cars without LATCH. This infant seat has water to level the base. The water level base helps to thwart the infant seats from damage. It also helps to armor the side impact while the car is in motion.

One of the disadvantages of this car seat is that it does not allow the seat to ’breathe’’ hence the baby might awfully sweat. It does not contain the bubble foams designed for easy air circulation. You could surely give this seat a try. It is indeed a breathtaking type of seat that I think you should never miss to hit on.

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2. Chicco KeyFit
It does not differ much with the KEYFIT 30. It tends to accommodate up to 20lbs. It also contains energy absorbing foam that regulates car crash impacts. This seat is very adjustable for smaller babies.

Moreover, it contains a thick cushioned seat to offer a maximum comfort for your baby. It is compatible with Cortina together and S3 strollers due to its supple nature. It has a spring level foot for flexibility during car crash impacts

For families with fixed budgets, this could be a ’don’t miss’’ baby car seat. It is adjustable for both small and bigger kids.

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3. Graco SnugRide 30
This kind of infant car seat is rear-facing only, designed mainly for infants between 4-30 lbs. It has a readable level gauge that minimizes errors during installation.

Its removable head support has a soft cushion to hold and support the head of the baby. The cushion can always be washed or cleaned easily. It has energy absorbing foam that aids prevent impacts.

This brand of infant car seat is classified the best by a leading consumer publications and magazines. The pricing policy is reasonable as they offer the most affordable prices. However, prices may tend to vary between different stores. Online prices may also contradict with the actual prices at the stores.

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4. Britax B-Safe
The lateral impact protection mechanism dispenses the crash forces and provides a consolidated shielding from the vehicle intrusion. Its five-point tangle free harness distributes vehicle sway forces to enhance a secure fit.

The energy absorbing lining designed relieves the crash forces and other car impacts. Furthermore, it has a well-designed go adapter.

Britax might offer the best baby car seat. The only disadvantage is that you ought to buy a separate adapter in order to make use of the seat on other Britax strollers. Conversely, its pro is that it has reasonable pricing policy. Can’t you give it a try this summer?

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5. Maxi-Cosi Mico
It Supports between 5-22 lbs. A Cozi-dozi can be inserted and adjusted for smaller kids. It has a five point harness with an up-front regulation. Quinny and Buzz can be fitted and adjusted for a complete travel system.

It is adjustable to ensure both smaller and bigger babies can be accommodated. This implies that you don’t have to purchase many stuff to secure services for your babies. Don’t you think this can be just awesome to your kids?

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Finally, now that you know the Best Infant Car Seat 2014, I hereby throw the buck on your side. Remember, these seats are developed to ensure a more realistic car environment for the newborns. The seats rated above have been tested and their overall performances assessed. The valuations were intended to distinguish seats that could deliver a higher margin of protection for the babies.

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