5 Best Double Jogging Stroller 2016

While looking for a decent single jogging stroller can be stressful already, searching for the best double jogging stroller puts some more consideration into play. Certainly, it should be durable because it will hold twice the weight. And with more weight, comes more intense impact force too when passing through road bumps, so we need to ensure the product is designed properly well. But you should not worry too much! On this page, you can read the list of 5 best double jogging stroller 2016, along with some brief reviews about each one.

1. BOB Revolution SE Duallie
It is very difficult not to put BOB Revolution SE Duallie in the first place, and it is impossible not to put it at all. The pneumatic tires, lockable front swivel wheel, and adjustable suspension system are designed in such very professional way. As a result, jogging with the stroller is extremely smooth. We can be surprised too by the lightweight nature. Running while driving the stroller does not require as much of extra effort as you may expect. Interestingly, the front swivel wheel is very responsive to provide easy maneuvers. BOB Revolution SE Duallie is very sturdy and durable, and your children will love the ultimately comfortable seats.

Best Double Jogging Stroller 2016

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2. THULE Urban Glide 2
THULE Urban Glide 2 loses slightly from BOB Revolution SE Duallie just because its rear suspension system is not adjustable. Nevertheless, it works very well, too, and it is super lightweight. Gliding is extremely smooth, and the front swivel wheel provides easy handling to turn and maneuver. The seats are also very comfortable and safe. The handlebar can be fixed in various positions depending on your needs, while the extra-large storage space comes with a cover!

Best Double Jogging Stroller 2016 1

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3. BOB Sport Utility Duallie
BOB Sport Utility Duallie is a fixed wheel jogging stroller. With such distinctive design, the manufacturer managed to enhance its performance to the max! If you are a professional runner, you will be very happy with its ultra seamless movement without worrying about the comfortability at the passenger seats. Like its older brother up there, the suspension system is adjustable too here, and the seats are made to ensure comfort as well as safety on various terrains. However, less experienced parents may find it kind of difficult to maneuver or turn.

Best Double Jogging Stroller 2016 2

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4. InStep Arrow Fixed Wheel
Another fixed wheel jogging stroller, but with a lower price. Gliding straight forward is also without a hitch here, and it comes with several unique features like a bicycle-style hand brake and rubberized handlebar. However, the dual rear shocks are not adjustable, though they perform nicely as well. It is perhaps not as sturdy as BOB Sport Utility Duallie, but still a reliable product. Nice for its price.

Best Double Jogging Stroller 2016 3

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5. Baby Trend Navigator Double
Baby Trend Navigator Double is the most budget-friendly model on the list, but it offers some comparable performance. Unlike the other models, Baby Trend Navigator Double decides to go astray from the traditional design. Instead of a single front swivel wheel, why not have two? Baby Trend Navigator Double features pneumatic rubber tires with a pair of lockable front swivel wheels. The configuration makes it very stable under various conditions. Its maneuverability is also pretty good. It comes with built-in MP3 speakers, covered storage, and multi-position padded reclining seats.

Best Double Jogging Stroller 2016 4

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