5 Best Double Jogging Stroller 2014

Double jogging strollers have revolutionized and basically simplified the mode of movement between parents/caregivers and the toddlers. With different double jogging strollers finding their way into the present market, it’s of high importance that we separate the good from the best. For us to come up with the best double jogging stroller 2014, we first have to list the features of the five most common double jogging strollers and come up with the one that stands out of the rest.

Best Double Jogging Stroller 2014

1. Schwinn Arrow Double Stroller
It’s one of the most common double jogging strollers of the year 2014. It has a retractable canopy that helps to keep the passenger cool during the hot seasons. However, this does not make it standout among the rest of the strollers as they too have the overboard canopies. The stroller has a rubber type handle which reduces friction while enhancing grip. Pressurized 16” tires enhance performance as well as provide a smooth ride. A bicycle handbrake present at the comfort of the handle provides an additional braking power. It offers great comfort and safety due to its dual trigger folding mechanism. A front tire which cannot swivel into different directions can be difficult to some users since they have to lift it upwards for it to be moved to the desired direction. It also lacks the five point harness system which increases comfort and security to the child and also doesn’t come with a snack tray either.

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2. BOB Revolution SE Duallie
It’s one of the few revolutionized strollers in the market. Not only does it have a swiveling front wheel which makes maneuvering superior, it also increases stability when jogging and walking along tough terrains. It has an easy two step folding mechanism for easy transport and storage. It also comes with adjustable suspension system which provides a smooth ride. It has an adapter which facilitates its quick and easy attachment in a car seat as well as fixing a snack tray. It has an ultra padded adjustable seat with a five point harness which keeps the child secure and comfortable.

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3. Baby Jogger POD Chassis
It has a handle bar that can easily be adjusted to suit users of all heights. Also, handbrakes are located at the handle bar for easy controlling. A five point harness safety system increases the comfort and security of the passenger. When compared to other strollers which require a 2 way folding mechanism, this baby jogger only requires a single patent quick fold hence making it stand among the rest.

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4. Schwinn Turismo Swivel
This stroller comes with a dual trigger mechanism for easy folding. Its manual locking front wheel enables the user to control the stroller in a swivel or fixed manner hence increasing maneuverability. It’s also one of the few strollers with MP3 enabled canopy speakers for music lovers and also entertaining the child. It has a car seat adapter which fits well in most car seats hence making it desirable to people with different types of cars.

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5. BOB Ironman Duallie
It has an easy 2 step folding mechanism for easy storage and transport. It’s also fitted with a seat adapter as well as a snack tray. Its fixed front wheel enhances stability whether running or jogging. However, the fixed front wheel is a disadvantage to some people who may find it difficult to maneuver the stroller around corners. A five padded harness provides safety and comfort to the child. An adjustable suspension system provides a smooth movement.

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From the above listed strollers, the Best Double Jogging Stroller 2014 is simply the Schwinn Arrow Double Stroller. It stands out among the rest due to its advanced technology, a state of art suspension system, its tray and cups handling ability and the fact that it fits in many car seats.

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