5 Best Baby Car Mirrors 2016

Keeping an eye on our child, especially if our child is still at a very young age, is the natural tendency of any parent. No matter what you are currently doing, you will always have the desire to have knowledge on how your child is doing and whether they are safe. However, this can become detrimental when you are doing an important task at the same time. Take driving, for example. As your child sits on the rear seat, you certainly have the urge to take a look on your child every once in a while. But, you should never compromise your attention to the road ahead.

Best Baby Car Mirrors 2016

Thanks to the innovation in technology and industry, though, there are now helpful tools that you can utilize to monitor your child as you drive. Baby car mirrors are a popular choice of many parents. Still, you should never compromise your attention in driving, but having a baby car mirror allows you to have a quick glance to your baby instead of turning your body all the way to the back. You can keep a check on your baby’s condition from time to time, and if your baby needs something you can then drive aside and stop the car first.

There are several things that you need to consider in choosing the right baby car mirror for your family. First and foremost, it should be truly durable and shatterproof. Well, nobody wants any accident to happen here, but, in a dire situation, you certainly do not want the baby car seat to break and shatter everywhere, causing the risk to harm somebody. Furthermore, it would be great if the mirror is adjustable, allowing you to have the most comfortable view regardless of the differing physicality of different people. Being simple and easy to use is a very good plus point.

Now, if you have made your mind about getting the best baby car mirror installed on your car, take a look on the 5 best baby car mirrors for the year 2016 below!

1. DaffaDoot Baby Car Mirror
DaffaDoot Baby Car Mirror easily makes its way to the top of the list. It is a truly well-made rear view mirror with a sophisticated design that ensures maximum performance, convenience, and safety. It has crush-tested, able to endure regular abuse in usage. The mirror reflects the view very well. It has an anti-glare coating, ensuring that no excessive light may blind your sight due to the reflection of the mirror. The field of view is quite wide, allowing you to keep a check on your baby’s surrounding. Furthermore, with a one-assemble build, it is very easy to install and use. The dual-strap system attaches the mirror securely.

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2. Baby & Mom Rear View Baby Mirror
Baby & Mom Rear View Baby Mirror has always been loved by a lot of parents because it has all the virtues: functionality, durability, and affordability. Compared to many other similar models, it is available at a very competitive price point. However, it features a premium-grade shatterproof convex glass that reflects the view very well. It is very rugged and durable, certainly able to withstand heavy duties. And, it also has a wide angle of view, providing an extended field of view that is crucial to ensure your baby’s surrounding. It is adjustable and easy to install.

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3. Cozy Greens Baby Car Mirror
Cozy Greens Baby Car Mirror is another baby car mirror that is popular due to the adjustability, durability, and affordability. It has been crush-tested, featuring a shatterproof convex acrylic mirror that is highly sturdy and durable. However, the field of view is not as wide as DaffaDoot Baby Car Mirror and Baby & Mom Rear View Baby Mirror. This minor drawback is covered by the mirror being truly adjustable, able to rotate over 360 degrees for orientation. It also features a super secure strap system that is compatible with any type of vehicle.

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4. Baby Backseat Mirror
On the other hand, Baby Backseat Mirror is unique on its own because it comes with an extra-wide convex lens. The super-wide field of view allows you to see not only your baby’s seat but also the seats beside. That is a great thing especially if you have more than one children that you need to take care of. Like the other models in the list, Baby Backseat Mirror is also shatterproof, ensuring maximum durability and safety. It works with all types of rear-facing seats and features an ultra-strong double-strap attachment system. Available at an affordable price, Baby Backseat Mirror is one very good value for the money.

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5. Logiclux Rear View Facing Back Seat Baby Mirror
Logiclux is a unique and distinctive baby car mirror. It is often considered as among the most flexible and easiest baby car mirrors to use. It features an oval view-facing mirror. It does not need a center headrest to function, allowing you to save some space. Of course, it is very rugged and durable, safe for usage with a baby in your car, as it is shatterproof. It has a decent field of view and is fully adjustable, featuring a 360-degree rotating pivot. Very simple and easy to install and use.

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