Medela Swing Vs Avent Electric

By | December 6, 2016

If you are a busy mother with a newly born baby, either sooner or later you are going to need to use a breast pump to aid you in nurturing your beloved child. A breast pump is important, especially to active mothers who have other responsibilities outside the family because of jobs or social works. It allows you to prepare milk for your baby so that whenever he or she gets hungry, you will already have a bottle ready. Now, if you are looking for a single breast pump that is portable, you are perhaps considering to get either Medela Swing or Avent Electric. Which is the one that you should get?


Medela Swing is a single electric breast pump that has been sophisticatedly designed for compactness, light weight, and portability. It is sleek and slim, and the small form factor will allow you to easily bring this pump along anywhere and anytime. You can easily bring it along in a tote bag, or simply slip it into your purse. It is very handy and portable. It is, however, reasonably rugged and durable. Many users have praised Medela Swing because it is next to impossible to break. The construction is made of BPA-free plastic material. So, it is certainly safe. Another great thing about Medela Swing is that it is flexible and versatile for its powering method. It can work with an AC adaptor, but it can also work four AA batteries for mobile usage. Finally, the performance of Medela Swing is truly dependable. The suction power is consistent and fast, yet still being comfy for the mom. It accumulates milk quickly and without any spill. (See also : Medela Swing Vs Freestyle)

Avent Electric is available in single and double models, but we are going to focus on the single electric breast pump model only. Available in the more-or-less same price range, Avent Electric serves as an another option that you can get with your budget plan. However, even though it is a single breast pump, it is somewhat larger than Medela Swing. So, it is not exactly as portable as Medela Swing. Nevertheless, it is also BPA-free and is able to operate with either an AC adaptor or four AA batteries. The suction is much softer than Medela Swing, which means that it is relatively comfier, but it collects milk much slower also. As the effect, it is not as handy when you are in a hurry and it is actually less convenient since you need to pump longer.

Medela Swing Vs Avent Electric

Medela SwingAvent Electric
Key features- Single-electric breast pump designed for moms who pump occasionally - Compact, lightweight motor fits into purse or tote bag - Convenient AC adaptor or battery power options for charging and mobile pumping - Single pumping kit with 24 mm Personal Fit breast shield for comfortable, efficient pumping- More comfortable pumping position due to unique design - Choose from 3 expression settings (low, medium, high) after starting in the gentle stimulation mode - Soft, warm stimulation massage cushion now has a soft - Compact, lightweight design for ease of use and transport- fewer light weight parts

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As the conclusion, we recommend you to choose Medela Swing. It is very portable, solid and rugged, and is able to collect milk faster while still keeping you comfortable.

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